Opsec: currently both with.

Oconor: Do I need to p*** my ajax requests the post id if I want to use it? None of the methods for retrieving it are working server side.

Mainland: What you trying to do with ajax

Garriga: Update the database when a gallery is uploaded.

Beverley: You can use the global post in your function hooked into the ajax action

Viegas: Fris2: So I’ve been trying to use $post-ID now but I’m getting a non-object error everytime the request is made.

Shelburne: So the template selector drop-down only shows if there are other templates available?

Shelburne: So, does anyone have an estimate of about how long it takes to create a nice but simple theme using Underscores?

Shelburne: What do you mean no one could?

Shelburne: Something a business with pay for but isn’t fancy

Savaria: Also, skill level. also, features, design complexity.

Savaria: You’re going down a wrong path ;

Shelburne: Well, straighten me out if you can.

Savaria: Evaluate your *own* skills, theme spec, and extraoplate off that

Savaria: There’s no “it takes x hours/days/weeks to make a theme”

Savaria: It just doesn’t work like that.

Savaria: Shelburne: how long does it take to build a house? or get to the center of a tootsie pop?

Savaria: Only a wise old owl in the woods can tell us.

Savaria: Here’s some factors you can use to judge your own self: knowledge/understanding of how wp works, knowledge/understanding of js/css/html/php, a specific definition of what “simple” means to you

Grasse: Fris2: To solve the id problem, I’ve used jquery to grab the post ID from the hidden input that WP makes at the top of the page.

Mccorvey: Hi all, I’ve been asked to put together a virtual cl***room website for a client. Their existing website no cl***room yet is built using wordpress, and I’d like to keep it that way since a few virtual cl***room hosting solutions I’ve found such as WizIQ already provide wordpress plugins. My client wants users to create an account in order to access streaming content and do***ents, and the account should expire after 6 weeks. Is

Holets: There a plugin that can handle user accounts in this manner?

Lacher: I.e. allowing users to register in order to access specific pages, and disabling accounts after a certain amount of time has elapsed

Matsushima: Also, if a user returns, the account needs to be re-enabled

Dire: 87 / 100Suggestions Summary

Conley: Https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fasylum.rocks%2F&tab=desktop

Sandford: BOGO: mobile or desktop 87

Dauila: I had wordpress working with polylang, but the url rewriting between www and non-www is not working. now both are broken and I can find no resources and I badly need this fixed asap.

Humbertson: Anybody maybe have an nginx config example that is working with polylang to not 404?

Osmers: I don’t even know how to turn off polylang to debug. I’m just an old school PHP guy and inherited this wordpress mess.

Kehres: Site.com goes to www.site.com/en/home as I would think it should, but 404

Reckley: Recently an error occurred while creating the CSS / JS minify cache: File “/home/asylum/public_html/wp-content/themes/pub/minileven/js/small-menu.js” doesn’t exist.

Damiano: Ugh cant anything work right

Nagindas: I figured it is with the jetpack mobile theme

Savaria: Ccort32: pick www or non-www, not both.

Golen: Tell opsec I have always picked one and had one rewrite to the other. I am a wordpress newbie but I have that very same thing working on another site and compared the nginx confs side by side, and I can see no difference other than that the one in question is using polylang

Lebrane: Oops. you know what I meant there

Reise: Opsec: currently both with and without the www is now broken, 404, and I don’t know how to debug when in rewrites site.com to site.com/en/home, for example, because I don’t know where to search the code.