Oops Sachez got to it.

Fabio: Jarlopez: yes. and it was confusing which is why I asked for more info

Andradez: Wp_get_attachment_image_src ?php wp_get_attachment_image_src $attachment_id, $size, $icon ; ?

Sundholm: Dopie: now you’re just responding with copy from the codex

Sachez: Dopie: if you put your image in a container that’s size via a percentage, the internal image will shrink to fit, even if it carries a height and width.

Andradez: I just didn’t know who tot call the image correctly

Eisentrout: Jarlopez: and you said your code works as expected.

Bau: Jarlopez: so what is the problem. you have code that gets the “leader_bio” and displays it in the loop

Pelman: That I want to append it after the loop, in a separate div, as indivcated by the comment by line 19.

Lesly: Jarlopez: that makes no sense

Minjarez: Jarlopez: there is a bio for EACH post. appending it AFTER the loop doesnt make any sense

Gramberg: Jarlopez: either give your case or GTFO

Sachez: Are all the posts on the page from the same author?

Naumann: Why does that even matter? I was looking for help on extracting the data from a while-loop to append in a later div, the particular use-case is _irrelevant_.

Nissen: Jarlopez: because it does.

Sachez: Because it might matter how one does it, that’s why

Fludd: Jarlopez: and you dont know enough about what you’re doing to know what is relevant and what isnt

Rambousek: The use-case is that there is a div after each row which will display the bio of the particular person the user has clicked on. When the user clicks on person A, person A’s bio appears in the div. When the user clicks on person B, person A’s bio gets replaced by person B’s bio. When the user clicks on person B again, the row hides itself.

Dorman: Jarlopez: but the bio is directly connected to a post. not a person. so how does that make sense?

Sachez: So you need all the bios in hidden divs and a bunch of query to show/hide them, but as Guimares points out, they’re part of each post, so you could use a filter on the_content or the_excerpt, depending to put them after each post.

Maccormack: Sachez: doesnt even need to do anything but what he already has and just change the markup if I am understanding what he’s saying

Ar: Either way. they do not need to be outside the loop. that still does not make any sense

Sachez: Perhaps. I didn’t feel like reading the entire upscroll.

Jurgensmeyer: Sachez: not like he’s making it EASY to help him

Mewborn: Hey I’m trying to put an RSS feed on a widget but it keeps showing the event as being one day later than it actually is. Example feed: http://events.ua.edu/category/19/feed — the first event, LACLS Film series, is supposed to happen on Wed, 23 Sep. On both my local server and on WordPress.com, it’s showing as Sept 24.

Sachez: Mewborn: time zone issue, perhaps? Does the event carry it’s own TZ or does it get it from WP?

Demorrett: Mewborn: its most likely a time zone thing IMHO

Mewborn: Sachez: How do I check for this? I don’t have access to the site it’s pulling from, events.ua.edu

Vaccarezza: Mewborn: how are you setting the date

Sachez: Mewborn: check the feed. what’s the data look like?

Sachez: What’s the URL of the feed?

Callister: Oh wait. Mewborn it SAYS that the date is the 23rd

Minniefield: So whats the actual problem? Is it the date SHOWING in the widget which exists on a site separate from the feed?

Mewborn: Sachez: The feed is on http://events.ua.edu/category/19/feed

Mewborn: Guimares: The problem is when I take that feed and try to put it on a widget on another site

Mewborn: Guimares: it keeps showing as September 24

Sachez: It looks like the event date is central time GMT -6

Behimer: Mewborn: they have their date set to GMT

Valiton: Oops Sachez got to it first