Ong: yeah, i know … it’s.

Calderon: Sure you have no php.ini? check /etc/php5/fpm/

Lukin: I dont have fpm, it is apache

Kuechler: Juslintek: hmm i’ve never heard of bp-xprofile xD

Gude: Buddypress is somewhat special …

Forsman: Lol dont go in #buddypress

Barczak: That’s a channel for those who develop bp

Sandeen: Not a support channel

Fergen: Lol just went there 😀

Dolfi: So any ideas on how to personalise buddypress, I don’t get the legacy and default templates and themes

Capinpin: I added buddypress support so which one should I copy?

Trowell: Did you read yet? it explains what legacy means …

Postel: Also make sure you read

Deppner: Hi! I just login on a WordPress who client never pay for it. ¿Ideas?

Tumpkin: And it is spelled with Capital “P”, dangit.

Luiz: On 2014 I make a website in wordpress. It was my first project as a freelance and the cliente never pay me

Sandelin: Sorry about my english, a now it’s so poor

Beresford: Any idea what to do now? Maybe activate maintenance mode

Caviggia: Or put a troll face on index.php

Yeldell: This kind of street justice can fall back to you badly

Cerri: I now, thats why I’m asking about how to deal with it

Oliger: If your client uses that website and you have some contract or can at least prove you made that for him, send him an invoice. if he doesn’t react, talk to your lawyer.

Lapan: ElChicoNube: do you have access to the backend or the server?

Greenhoward: ElChicoNube: ok first of all, delete their user accounts so they dont have access

Freydel: Whatever you guys plan … If I don’t want to pay a cab driver that doesn’t give him the right to kidnap me and drive me into the desert.

Duguay: Choki: no, that’s a stupid advise

Mlenar: Ok then do it more secret: create some ugly outoing lins so their seo will fail

Golba: Even that could be held against you at cort

Biastock: Link to their competitors and write about how good their services are compared to this ****

Flanegan: Choki: Please help us keep Orchard a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.

Socci: Hlin: but client who not pay dont deserve respect imho

Mruk: It’s nice you are having a good time, but you give poor advise.

Krusor: Don’t worry. Thanks you all

Weslowski: Besides it’s even off topic here

Guilbert: Other topic. Do you like S***? I make a little framework with atomic design concept

Doronio: ElChicoNube: dont create a nother framework pls

Prusha: That’s offtopic, too 😛

Iniestra: ElChicoNube: S*** is nice

Drylie: That’s what they say at #s***

Reyman: It’s not exacly a framework it’s more a little arquitecture of css

Alnas: Https://

Sattlefield: Do you now about atomic design concept? It’s so cool

Swab: ElChicoNube: no, what is it?

Stoner: I would never call folders/variables etc molecules, atoms or similiar

Tuite: Here is a little do***entation:

Beran: Ong: I’m German. Germans have a reputation for their lack of humor.

Guidry: ElChicoNube: ah, that’s similar to what some designers I worked with have used

Albertsen: Though they used different terminology

Blair: Pixolin: And you know that, so you grow into the role.

Snedeger: Go look at csswizardry’s code and ITCSS

Rebold: Ong: yeah, i know … it’s terrible …