On some other pages aswell,.

Luarca: Nope. no problems like that

Topness: Does jetpack authorize to publish on pages ?

Faren: Halcom works its totally f’ed

Veater: Have two clients onit

Jeng: Nialcen: yes, you need to auth the individual sites. It’s in the settings for that module.

Jeng: Nialcen: site.com//wp-admin/options-general.php?page=sharing

Jeng: Once you’ve enabled “publicize”

Streams: I’m on setting this up ;

Brocklesby: Jphase Jeng : may I choose when or witch categories should be autobulished ?

Wylde: Um I installed apcahe and wordpress but its just showing me the index.php text not a installer what am I missing?

Jeng: Nialcen: not as far as I’ve seen. https://jetpack.me/support/publicize/

Jeng: VariaVarietatis: did you install php?

Pinkston: Yep . So this does not match my needs

Jeng: Would have been nice if you’d said that up front!

Ardaly: Jeng: yea I think so and added it to my apache2 config

Shotkoski: It’s sound basic for me, but now I guess it’s not.

Recio: Jeng: how could I check?

Jeng: Put test.php in your do***ent root. the file should be ?php phpinfo; ? Then go to site.com/test.php

Oakden: Jeng: that wont work is rendering all PHP files as text

Jeng: So you did not install PHP properly.

Jeng: I don’t support ubuntu, sorry. maybe someone else can help

Jeng: Same diff; I do cenos

Girardot: VariaVarietatis: gentoo has good docs for setting up php and apache

Bouse: Gentoo is very hard to use though, you’ll be better to use most any other distro unless you can troubleshoot problems like this yourself

Oseguera: I wasted two years of my life running Gentoo, my productivity went through the floor lol

Schellenberge: It turns out that a few nanoseconds of extra runtime efficiency is far outweighed by sysadmin overhead required by gentoo

Law: Is it possible to sort a get_children query by two meta_keys?

Jeng: Http://www.billerickson.net/code/order-results-multiple-meta_keys/

Jeng: An amazing thing called Google wordpress+orderby+multiple+meta_key">https://www.google.com/search?q=wordpress+orderby+multiple+meta_key

Jeng: Apparently not many people know about it

Jeng: But it seems like a good idea.

Scrivens: Jeng: You seem s***ier today :

Tijing: Hello, is this the right place to ask about somethign I have problem with?

Burrough: Ok, I’m having a problem with my site, well 2 problems to be exact –

Dietz: First on some pages there’s a number before the !DOCTYPE which cause malfunction in the site design

Aris: For example you can see this

Merseal: Is it ok to post link?

Jeng: Momo_: had a good night’s sleep, the pain in my arm from the flu shot is gone

Jeng: Rapid: you have a stray character in one of your files. Check the end of functions.php; that’s usually the culprit.

Hauptmann: Jeng: Good to hear :! I find unless I have about 9 hours of sleep. getting out of bed is hard.

Cabla: I should go to functions.php through my cpanel yep?

Jeng: What theme files have you edited?

Jeng: It’s something you’ve changed.

Blankship: Mmm, Ive changed none, only htaccess for cache but that’s it, and its being edited automatically because of WP Rocket anyway

Jeng: It could be stray stuff in almost any of your theme files. it’s a bear to track down.

Goings: Http://www.frog-lock.com/category/locksmith-in-long-island/locksmith-in-glen-cove-ny/

Casida: Rapid you didnt modify header.php even?

Jeng: It’s only on that page?

Giusti: On some other pages aswell, but not all of them