Ollivierre: i never said.

Volpert: Well, wordpress-theme/">http://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-themes/how-to-show-comments-on-the-homepage-of-your-wordpress-theme/ and good luck

Zierk: Nope, not going swimming in the Divi pool

Tekautz: You all no likey Divi?

Bedlion: There’s bound to be 900 or more options you’ll never use, want or need.

Bedlion: I have to hand it to them, most complex use of the customizer to date.

Selover: Divi works pretty well for someone who wants something easy, like me. It’s just a crafty blog. I’d just want people to be able to comment from the home page. I can get in and edit the code from the builder using the native editor without dumping what I already have set up. Blah!

Goans: Looking for a free service to test email in outlook and other clients. Not easy.

Shevenell: See what I mean about the comments at http://anettekausen.com

Buzby: Oops. http://janettekausen.com

Goans: Janette This is page is not available.

Cutshaw: Goans: what do you mean by a service to test mail?

Goans: A ‘render’ service. So I can see it displays well / shows up good.

Szoke: Oh, ok. Can’t be easy. It depends on so much on the client’s computer, in addition to the mail client. Anyhow, not a Mintz problem.

Bedlion: Goans: basically, impossible.

Goans: Ok at least it’s valid and look in ggood in gmail and hotmail

Bedlion: You can setup a machine with the top mail clients and send an email to see it in all of them, but that still won’t help

Bedlion: Also, one must always remember, what looks good everywhere else, you can almost certainly be guaranteed it will not look the same in a microsoft product.

Bedlion: I’ve already been where you’re at today with an unruly client that wanted a guarantee her spam email newsletter would be seen *exactly* on all mail readers no matter what

Goans: Bah i tried using conditiona fields in Formidable Pro but it seems not to be doign what I want,

Goans: When a user is not setting a radio button to true the fields that show up in the web page should not be rendered in the mail. but that’s not what’s its doing.

Bedlion: That doesn’t make logical sense.

Bedlion: Conditional fields show on the form if the condition is met

Bedlion: Or they’re left off if the condition is not met

Bedlion: If user selects “fruit” from “favorite foods”, then display the “fruits” field. or display this field, if user is logged in. something like that

Goans: Http://paste.ee/p/H5xJR

Goans: Is there a way to hide the whole TD when the value is empty? Even better:: Is it possible to hide all fields if 151 is set to ‘no’

Rosier: Goans: if you would just learn to code it would probably be a million times easier instead of shorttags

Goans: Well in plain PHP I could write it, but that UI thing is not helping me to solve this 😛

Roof: If!emptyget_post_meta’my_field’, $post-ID{ output TD stuff } else { Elenbaas }

Goans: Exactly that’s clear to me :

Cainglit: Goans: my point is you should learn to do with without the “UI THING”

Gelbart: Goans: if you want help with the “UI THING” you should contact the plugin dev

Goans: LindsayM_ How would you implement / where would you implement you custom PHP code? Using a hook?

Fastic: Goans: deepnds what i’m doing and where i’m putting it

Fan: Goans: planning. its important

Goans: It is, made some laravel thing last week and when creating some platform things with logic you need perfect structure and planning.

Opichka: Goans: you LOVE to drop ‘laravel’ in here when you’re feeling inadequate. like. LOVE it. You do it all the time. Its very transparent

Postin: He’s allowed to like Laravel =

Spinetti: And LindsayM_ likes pointing out inadequacies to make yourself feel bigger.

Zervas: Ollivierre: i never said he wasnt allowed to like it