Oh you are are star O:-.

Tanigawa: You can see the one I p*** company and then it changes it to “any”

Dexter: It seems to only do it when I p*** in tags

Vodopich: Copying that statement now, v kind and appreciated

Mcdonnall: Developerjustin: where are you running this query? What does the whole page look like where this new query is?

Hewlin: Developerjustin: and are you doing anything with custom permalinks for this page?

Neisler: Guimares: this is on a page for an API, but I’m seeing something similar in the admin dashboard. I opened a ticket a few minutes ago and just updated it – https://core.trac.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/ticket/33997

Winfrey: Developerjustin: this probably has Benzing to do with core so a ticket probably doesnt make sense to be open.

Mccready: Developerjustin: can you show your code ? So you are making an API endpoint with this query?

Freme: Developerjustin: so can you PLEASE show your code

Fedalen: Lol yes, I’m copying now

Righter: Http://pastie.org/private/vyfyo60ogl1gtz1nnlcva

Haeger: Come to cl*** prepared, folks :

Milnik: Developerjustin: and what is the url path for this endpoint? how did you create that?

Richarson: Kingfisher64, no. but did the code work?

Dunbar: The url is http://gotowv.com/api/v1/companies/?explore=23241

Bocage: It’s a custom template

Sardinha: Developerjustin: so you didn’t create any custom rewrite rules for this endpoint?

Daul: There is one that I use to p*** in the URL as a query_var but it’s not a reserved name

Beltran: Which is the preferred character and collation for the mysql database?

Vallegos: Http://pastie.org/private/wmpijgtaz80tefj8ucz6g

Fait: I’m afraid Richarson it didn’t. added it to functions.php file http://www.dogsnaturally.co.uk/product-category/pet-shop-dogs/dog-id-tags/bling-dog-id-tags/ still keeps showing select options

Tibbits: Developerjustin: I think your issue is using rewrite_rule_array instead of add_rewrite_rule

Klebanow: And one v odd buy now slap bang in the middle of the page

Bainer: Cleared caches, in case

Sawyers: Guimares: checking on switching

Barchacky: Kingfisher64: stop using single letters for an entire word. ‘v’ for ‘very’ is just silly.

Rabenstein: Guimares: switched to this – http://pastie.org/private/jqtlmyoyyk3oy5hkwrm4a and it’s looking the same

Mauk: Very sorry LindayMac ;-

Lanzilotta: Developerjustin: umm. commenting out the filter just removes the function from the flow. you need to use add_rewrite_rules

Brakefield: Developerjustin: oh wait i see what you did

Vanguilder: Guimares: right. It’s in flushRules

Zepeda: Developerjustin: so tell me about the page template. did you create a wordpress page called ‘endpoint’ and just select your API template in there?

Malecki: LindsayMax: can I PM you the whole thing?

Frolich: Developerjustin: i prefer to not work in PMs honestly.

Rickford: Unless it’s sensative information, you can PM me that but we will talk about it here. but i’m asking you a general coding question about your setup

Cesar: Guimares: no worries, it just has some writes in it that I would prefer not to make public. But yeah, it’s one template that builds an array from that query variable you saw and then the endpoints are handled conditionally – http://pastie.org/10442154

Vollick: Guimares: example – if$query_array0==’events’

Philip: Developerjustin: right but just to clarify. Did you actually go into the back end of WordPress and go to pages – add new and create a new page with a title ‘endpoint’ or ‘api’ or something?

Richarson: Kingfisher64, woops. try ‘Select options’

Richarson: Kingfisher64, drop the uppercase O to lower and that should fix it

Began: Oh you are are star O:- Richarson that’s fixed. Thank you so much http://www.dogsnaturally.co.uk/product-category/pet-shop-dogs/dog-id-tags/bling-dog-id-tags/