Not sure what is what.

Couto: But only on a couple resources, not everything. I also checked the code where they are being loaded to verify it’s not hard coded http and it isn’t.

Ress: Anyone using the rest api on wpengine?

Tsistinas: I think it might have to do with masonry.min.js

Richarson: Incompetanttt, have you changed your http:// to https:// in Settings ?

Pianka: And verified it in phpmyadmin in the wp_options table

Turnbo: The reason I think it is a conflict or something is the dev console is showing the error for both resources on line 1

Richarson: So site_url and home are both without / ?

Edgell: Let me check about the closing /

Thomasson: I wish there was a way to get to stop saying I need to resize images

Miklos: Resize them, it’ll stop then :

Horneff: Https://

Ogaz: Because everytime I look at that

Amunrud: It is tells me to optimize images

Moudy: I have wp smush on to do it on upload

Miklos: It doesn’t tell you to resize tells you to define the size

Miklos: Or rather “specify image dimensions”

Wooddell: And they are already, the ones I can

Miklos: You’re missing the has Benzing to do with optimizing the images

Miklos: You’re not defining the size of them on the page.gtmetrix seems to think you should be

Frisby: Right but some of them are from RSS feeds

Asal: And I cant change those

Sachez: VanHagar5150: BOGO still chasing your tail?

Zombory: No I am done with doing a lot of that sterndata

Hoganson: I did change up some of the code and like

Vonkrosigk: And found a cool plugin

Miklos: VanHagar5150, smush isn’t working for you

Miklos: I just squashed your “entertainment” image to 10% of it’s original size

Richarson: I had a homepage panel, but disabled it to revert the homepage back to default— and now my / is 404 heh. any ideas?

Richarson: VanHagar5150, who is your host?

Richarson: Do you have GD installed?

Richarson: I think php-gd is what WP uses out of box. now for smush or others, they prob use that or imagemagick

Richarson: If it’s not installed, then things like regenerate thumbnails or even automatic generation of your preset thumbs upon upload won’t work

Richarson: Probably a simple apt-get/yum install php-gd

Richarson: And then service apache2 restart

Lembcke: Http://

Rinauro: Http://

Richarson: VanHagar5150, confused why you’re pasting those links

Richarson: VanHagar5150, you asking?

Nogales: Is that what your talking about

Dolman: Hi guys, I’m learning wordpress. I installed some websites but still need to learn more.

Richarson: VanHagar5150, yes, but installing and setting it up is usually much less intimidating than that link

Stinespring: OK I changed over to EWWW

Varella: Https://

Flentge: For some reason there are resources loading as http when they are defined in the source as https

Narimatsu: Can anyone think why that might be?

Feeney: 2 images specifically in header

Blackard: Both are set to https

Insana: At first I had them using get_stylesheet_directory_uri but it was still loading http so i hard coded it straight to the file path using https

Forss: For me it’s showing poster.jpg and header-bg.jpg

Biron: Hi VanHagar5150 and incompetanttt

Tapia: _Th1nKT4nK_:

Wayde: Not sure what is what there