Not so many at once, please.

Buchs: Doesnt work, but there are at least not any errors :p

Tipka: Http://

Auna: I am trying to integrate a slider plugin to a template but realised that where i want to place it that currently holds a post thumbnail image which is attached as a background image URL and has CSS properties is not making it easzy to place the ?php if function_exists ‘meteor_slideshow’ { meteor_slideshow; } ? or possibly shortcode in there this link is a code snippet of the post loop check if there is a post thumbn

Bennight: Do you guys know some sort of base wordpress theme? Like a bootstrap?

Jeng: Coglef: wordpress-bootstrap-starter-theme/">

Jeng: Or just

Funk: Thanks for the tip, ryan–

Velis: Http://

Jeng: When you say “bootstrap” do you mean “twitter bootstrap” or just pulling ones’ self up by.

Jeng: All of them what? ryan–

Trojillo: Keep it simple, use a solid foundation, hence foundation and build up your design from there

Macken: Put in what you need extra

Jeng: No huge framework, just best practices code

Chura: I have contacted the meteor slider developer but still no response maybe he is hiding in here somewhere lol :

Jeng: Sharkbone: don’t understand. why do a slideshow inside a loop? A slideshow is a collection of images, not a single post image — unless hero is more than one image.

Righthouse: But want to replace that spot with the slider instead

Jeng: So. do you want some sort of slider at the top of the page and an image from the featured image for each post?

Jeng: What will your page look like?

Sanzotta: I’ looking to use Redis plus W3 Total Cache. Is it a good solution to speed up a wordpress ? With a Varnish to manage the HTTP cache.

Jeng: Sharkbone: ok, so remove the post thumbnail code and add your slider code in the right place.

Jeng: Sharkbone: I ***ume the slider is home page only?

Torbett: Varnish appear to be simple to configure with W3TC, so it’s not a problem. But Redis & W3TC work well together or people here doesn’t recommand it for any reason ?

Jeng: Anyone remember who here was the big redis fan?

Prinkey: Yeah only on homepage

Jeng: Sharkbone: you probably need the id of the slideshow as a parameter to the function.

Jeng: And you don’t want that function call in the loop, right? YOu want it ahead of the loop in the home page banner area

Jeng: I see your question, sharkbone, on teh support page. Give the guy 24 hours at least to respond

Everage: How should fill in yoast SEO plugin fields programmatically?

Showman: Everage: they store their values in postmeta

Everage: Showman, could you please reference me to a do***entation?

Capua: Everage:

Lamielle: Everage: No exact match found for ‘get_post_meta’ – See the full set of results at****r-function

Showman: Don’t listen to the bot right now lol

Showman: Everage:

Khamvongsa: I found this article : wordpress/"> but no answer if the combinaise W3TC + Redis is a good idea

Babick: Anyone got an idea where I can change the auto core updated email address? It seems to be getting set somewhere but not SettingsGeneral

Llewlyn: In the German support forum a user asks what could be the reason that the login widget of Members plugin returns an error message “blocked” while the login via wp-login.php works. Anyone with an idea? User already contacted the plugin developer who replied, it could be due to some redirect in .htaccess, but there isn’t something.

Llewlyn: Not so many at once, please 😛