Noethics: you said you.

Acoba: Guimares: Smae problem hardcoded.

Sachez: Doremon: and when you start building. many small steps

Sachez: Break it into a lot of small problems to solve

Sambrano: It seems we have a bunch of people that expect all kind of free support for any kind of theme and plugin except commercial stuff because the plugin-/theme-support is English only. Lots of Woocommerce related questions and if it gets worse, people tell you they aren’t interested by any means to learn anything but expect help howsowever. It’s frustrating.

Sachez: Pixolin: every support-related forum I’ve been on has that issue, on whatever topic, and I’ve been doing this sh*t since the 80’s.

Martinetti: Just hoped you had some thoughts how far altruism goes.

Chiras: Guimares: Update. I just ran chmod -R 0777 on /wp-content/uploads/podcasts and the script worked.

Janco: Pixolin: we get that in here all the time. Typically I tell them that support for 3rd party plugins is not covered and while sometimes we are happy to help them along if we know the answer, it is not required of us to support such plugins.

Trainor: Checkit: so it WAS an ownership problem.

Luoma: However, why don’t any of the other directores need to be 0777 for WP to upload files?

Bretl: Which is a problem because you should not have 777 there checkit

Haughey: Opsec: Setting file permissions to 777 is inherently insecure, please read

Lao: Checkit: this one shouldnt either

Gushue: That’s difficult if a forum has a section “themes” and you tell people, you don’t support on themes.

Milligan: Pixolin: at the top of the forum I would leave a disclaimer like that though.

Gilfillan: Checkit: 777 perms are never correct, ever.

Sachez: Checkit: is the user ID of the process runnign the ajax different from the normal WP process user?

Coulibaly: Guimares: I KNOW they are not correct. I needed to narrow down the issue.

Niesman: Guimares: that’s my feeling, yes.

Lacroix: That being said, the install script is creating the podcasts directory in /wp-content/uploads without issue. But, later attempts to wp_mkdir_p are failing because of the directory permissions. What is the solution for this?

Detrich: Pixolin: ie: Theme support is offered on a per-post basis and is not part of the official service that we offer however, you are welcome to post your question here. If someone else has experienced a similar issue to you, you may receive help from the moderators or the community. If you do not receive an answer please check out these resources.

Foux: I’m wondering how or if it’s possible to do = and = for the same variable in a meta query

Caddell: Pixolin: something to that extent anyways. i could probably write it better if I thought about it more

Cahill: Noethics: that makes no sense. why would you do that ?

Myslin: Guimares, price range between two values

Holck: Noethics: greater than or equal to and less than or equal to is ALL values.

Buemi: Noethics: you would need two variables for a price range

Huddleston: Guimares, i have two values

Sachez: Checkit: I’m looinig at the wp_mkdir_p code in What are the permissions on the intermediate level directories? look around line 1517 to see who it sets perms based on what’s arlready there and comes up with a umask.

Keidong: Greater than or equal to $N and less than or equal to $A

Perdzock: Guimares, the variable is called “price”

Whedon: Guimares: thank you. I actually thought I remember Shabazz had some advise on that. anyhow … thank you again.

Briel: Guimares, so i have “pricemin” and “pricemax”, so i want to do pricemin = price = pricemax

Pellietier: Noethics: you can’t have ONE variable with two vaolues!

Linkovich: Noethics: you said you wanted to do it with ONE variable