Noahmg123: ?php phpinfo; .

Goodnough: GordonRamsay: so one would imagine that setting up a dev environment would be priority #1

Robb: Guimares:

Simunovich: Guimares:

Sutler: Guimares, which is what I did, locally, then I ordered a VPS, the one I just mentioned

Reyers: They hard coded the green image in the template

Sieradski: GordonRamsay: my point is that if you need to ask a community for help but can’t provide a link to the problem and are unable to fully explain what you see or what your problem is, you REALLY should have someplace to drop the site because it makes it easier for everyone

Esteve: Donno how exactly how else to describe it

Carney: Hi Guimares. Maybe you could provide some guidance on this. Custom post_type from yesterday need to render in custom archive and single post templates w/in my plugin. The following handles the template include but when I dump the post type in my method I get “page”.

Kachelmeyer: Carney: sorry not following. can you explain basically what you’re trying to do


Bardo: Gemclip: by “green slide” what do you mean?

Bradney: I am trying to follow how they have coded it. I am editing the header.php of the template

Centini: On the home page in the slider you will see a side post in green next to the slider which isnt present on the second page

Sifuentes: Gemclip: paste your code

Vanproosdy: Gemclip: you are failing at explaining what you need but I think i can tell you what to do if you would paste your code

Ramundo: Gemclip: now that you’ve shared a link

Pinkey: Guimares: did you see both pages I posted?

Carney: Guimares: Sure, yesterday I created the custom post_type for “podcasts” and set the slug to “podcasts”. Now I need to surface the posts to a custom archive and single post template. The code I pasted is what I have in my plugin so far but when I got to and dump the post_type I get “page” instead of the custom post_type.

Daisy: What permission to files wordpress?

Keator: Carney: make sure you don’t have a page in your admin area called podcasts first

Osario: Daisy:

Curley: Gemclip: why do I have to answer that. Just paste your code

Dajani: Because the problem is obvious. Is why I asked if you looked

Alas: Gemclip: ok you are utterly un-helpable

Brosman: Guimares, I actually feel that I explained my problem fairly clearly. I also shared the code which is the example code 1:1 and mentioned that it’s not using a theme specific page. But since I can’t provide a link right now I guess that’s it for now. Thanks, maybe next time.

Sachez: Gemclip: unfortunately, your theme doesn’t add body cl***es, so you can’t trigger on that.

Scharpman: OMG if you took a sec and looked at both pages youd see! im getting the code posed to codepen

Carney: Guimares: already did that :

Sachez: But it’s an archive page

Tomsich: Carney: ok. well thats good. and you sure you don’t have anything else with a podcasts slug?

Odham: Http://

Santis: Codepen for PHP CODE YAY

Carney: Guimares: There is a post category “podcasts”.

Sachez: Gemclip: so if you use is_post_type_archive, you should have the right conditional

Rihanek: Is there an wasy way to see what PHP is running on my site. Some code somewhere is doing something I don’t want it to.

Shonerd: Carney: oh well. that COULD be a problem.

Kurtenbach: Gemclip:

Sachez: Noahmg123: can you explain that a bit more?

Delvecchio: Noahmg123: ?php phpinfo; ?