No, I used google translate.

Shelburne: Dopie: PHP doesn’t have any control of what happens after the browser recieves the page. That’s where JavaScript comes in. PHP ONLY works on the SERVER.

Shelburne: Well.unless you’re using PHP to develop non-web apps, but that’s a whole different story.

Shelburne: MadLems: php_info should contain a section that will list mod_security, so the answer is yes.

Sobeski: Momo_: my current issue is i can’t save / update / publish posts

Mulhall: Let me check customzier.

Bessent: Ccustomizer actually does seem to be working

Sargeant: MadLems Ah I see, Sorry I was just reading about how mod_security can be a cause for customize issues. Thought maybe it was an issue others were having

Hunt: It also looks like mod_security isn’t even rocking over here

Pastora: Anyone know an easy php way to hide a plugin from the plugin list

Belter: Chrispg21: multisite or no?

Schluter: Chrispg21: if you want to code it manually, just hook into admin_menu and remove the item

Mccaster: I use both but right now im looking for the non multisite way

Heydel: MadLems: Google result for remove menu item wordpress

Keely: If I specify ‘meta_key’ but not ‘meta_value’ in wp_query, I’ll get only posts with that meta key regardless of the value it has ?

Mulero: Chrispg21: for multisite, there are plugins like MultiSite Plugin Manager to control what plugins people can turn on

Reimmer: MadLems: i dont want to hide all plugins just one specific

Shelman: You could see what MultiSite Plugin Manager does? :

Filipovich: Dopie: what is it you’re trying to accomplish?

Funn: Pretty simple its a jQuery onclick add a css cl*** to the selected link. to show that it is the active one a:active only shows when you click on it, not after you have clicked on it

Filipovich: That’s HOW. WHAT are you trying to accomplish?

Funn: A user clicks on a link the link changes color and stays that way

Petrillo: WordPress is the 10th circle of hell

Bacigalupi: Anyone here had luck setting up multisite with different upload directories for each site?

Curson: Ow1n: defined “different upload directories”

Hemmingsen: The sites have different upload directories by default

Decastro: I’ve gone into Network Admin – Sites – Settings and changed the “Upload Path” value for each of 2 sites.

Goldwater: The setting works for the main site, but not the site set up on a subfolder.

Stalzer: The subfolder site’s uploads seem to be trying to go to /subfolder/wp-content/uploads/sites/site-number

Filipovich: Ow1n: the default is different directories wp-content/uploads/blogid/, IIRC

Filipovich: What are you trying to accomplish?

Piccone: I’m trying to 1 Keep my uploads on a different cookieless subdomain and 2 Keep the uploads from each multisite separate.

Filipovich: 2 is handled automatically. 1 hmmmmm

Coull: 2 is handled automatically in a normal setup but is broken when I try to specify an upload path in settings.

Fellman: Hello , i have a problem , i managed to change the nav menu float:right , but its seems it doesnt wring the text from right to left any hint ?

Filipovich: Float merely tells the div how to position itself on the page; you need to use an RTL font and/or use CSS’ “direction: rtl”

Heldt: Filipovich, did that too but no luck.

Varajas: The sorting is the problem not the writing.

Filipovich: Sky_-_: since I can’t read arabic, I can’t tell if the text is ltr or rtl!

Delpapa: Rtl , but the sorting is the problem

Filipovich: I can see it when translated

Rosemore: You want me to change the text to english ?

Filipovich: No, I used google translate and I see what you mean