Next up: I would like to.

Duignan: Afmza:

Verderame: Thanks guys, how will i get this right in a .js file?

Gannett: Afmza:

Chevere: Alright going home. Have fun all

Fugett: I’m trying to figure out how to speed up WordPress 404 responses, currently I often see servers struggle to return 404’s in a decent timeframe when a site is being probed for malicious files. As I found out 404 pages aren’t cached by WP Super Cache or W3 Total cache which makes them about 33x so slow as a normal page

Papalia: There must be others who have had the same problem and I’m very curious to know if anyone has found a decent solution in such cases.

Vogeler: Hkraal let your server handle the 404 for wordpress, since wp uses the index.php to route the request, it will obivously take longer

Eugley: Fris: Wouldn’t that imply I need to disable the permalink functionality?

Vogeler: Your server would handle the 404 first, not wp, you wouldnt need to disable it

Evola: No, if permalinks are enabled in WP, then apache would never known it hit a 404

Ask: Since any file that doens’t exist gets routed to WordPress at that point and presumed to be a slug

Vogeler: Thought you could get web server to take priority

Lovinggood: At that point WP’s permalinks owuldn’t work any more

Recio: Unless you would specify a few very specific rewrite rules I would suppose.

Lerno: Is it possible to use knockoutJs in a wordpress plugin?

Vogeler: Same way you would forf a static site

Trolio: Hi, has someone experience with the fusion-core/avada theme; i wonder whether the fusion builder can be extended with custom elements and without modifying the plugin; looked like a big switch statement

Koskie: Fris, i am having a problem adding knockout. $ is not defined.

Settlemires: P*** jQuery in function param

Schak: Which function aspock?

Griep: Where do you have such error ? line no ?

Vanry: Seems to be the actual library

Gendler: Also check jquery is loaded or not using network tab

Badilla: I was using a $ somewhere

Supplice: Wat a mission converting a simple page into a widget

Vargis: Feel like ive mauled my code

Vogeler: Why you converting a page into a widget

Russello: For Lagrow Help, see

Gowans: Hello everyone. I’m dealing with WordPress and a jQuery problem, and I want to load the single.php, the specific post into my index page. It’s working below 800px but above it’s loading Halcom and resulting in a blank section, what am I doing wrong here?

Dubose: I have added a button to my wordpress widget, it looks like a plain button, what is the default css cl*** for the nomral wordpress buttons?

Jerome: Button button-primary

Novick: Vautour: Your code is set to only do anything if the size is 800px, so it’s obviously going ot fail. This is a pure jQuery matter though and you’ll get much better answers in #jQuery

Kueter: Jiron, thanks thats working.

Schoeppner: Afmza: They are fairly commonplace cl***names.bootstrap was far form the first to add a state t othe end of the cl***name like that ;

Dokuchitz: Jiron: Already asked the question in #jquery – but thanks for taking your time

Stech: Afmza, 08:10:43 fris why you converting a page into a widget

Euler: Crisumi, its a small single page application. like a calculator. i designed it using normal php, now i have to convert it to a widget so that my client can put it anywhere on the site.

Lunsford: I know you can setup custom post types and setup a title and a feature image to create an image gallery or smthing.

Lunsford: Next up: I would like to create ‘bulk’ image galleries. Is there a way to upload different images in bulk? like 50 at 1 time?