Nesoi: again. the problem..

Aro: Nesoi: you have to be willing to either put a lot of time and effort into actually learning WordPress and probably some programming or hire someone

Mcnaughton: Right, I’m planning to do it myself Guimares. Just looking for some hints, suggested plugins, etc.

Buckreis: Nesoi: you’re going to have to accept that its not going to be a “plugin” answer either though

Mcintee: SeriousMatters: yea don’t do that

Tschoepe: Id be more worried about the import than the theme, im sure there are acceptable ways to display them that exists

Holahan: I’m a WordPress newbie tho. so probably no chance.

Buffalo: SeriousMatters: 1 don’t hire yourself out in this room 2 don’t hire yourself out as a WP dev if you dont know anything about it

Mcnaughton: Guimares: I’m ***uming that there’s a way to display a gallery as a paginated list of images, displayed as thumbnails with titles, and which can be clicked to display larger images with more details. Is that not the case?

Lubell: Nesoi: paginated is an entirely different story.

Burtin: Nesoi: but you can display a link of images and click to enlarge

Eakles: Nesoi: you had not only the pagination requirement but also the requirement that you have additional image details like medium, size, etc etc

Mcnaughton: So you can’t get anything to paginate?

Loflin: Nesoi: youre going ot have to look at the various existing plugins and see if you can find one. but pagination is a different animal all together

Mcnaughton: I’m kind of surprised that such a basic function is apparently still difficult

Bedlion: Nesoi: you have no idea what a basic function is

Mcnaughton: Basic in terms of what people would want to use LindsayMac

Vocelka: Nesoi: like i said. you have no idea what you’re talking about really

Mcnaughton: Guimares: hey if you don’t want to help then don’t. I don’t really need to be scolded!

Charping: Nesoi: pagination is NOT normal for galleries. its normal for lists of posts. but galleries are typically read: TYPICALLY collections of images displayed on one page

Knyzewski: Nesoi: erm. you kind of need to be told though

Sachez: Nesoi: look at

Sachez: Click on one of the gallery images

Mcnaughton: Poiz: the images are arranged like this: galleries/galleryname/category/images

Sachez: Within the galleries, I’ve disabled the feature that shows the title, description, and caption for each image,

Lutrell: And gallery images don’t usually has much metadata.

Sachez: But it’s all done with just the built-in gallery function and jetpack plus some custom css

Twombly: So what nesoi need might not be what every here calls gallery.

Flath: Sachez: that doesnt have the pagination he desperately wants

Gattuso: SeriousMatters: there’s a number of ways to achieve what he wants. but it’s not “BASIC” or “SIMPLE” really

Sachez: Don’t need pagination if you create a lot of separate galleries

Ostler: Say, a custom post type?

Mcnaughton: The issue is that if you have 1000 images in a category you probably don’t want to display them all on one page

Sachez: Let’s focus on what he can do with off-the-shelf stuff and no programming

Spates: Nesoi: the problem is you have 1000 images in a category, period

Sachez: But frak it, I’m done with this.

Mcnaughton: Sachez: that site looks basically like what I’m looking for

Mcnaughton: Except with data on each image

Sutter: I can’t think of a solution without programming. ”

Sachez: You can set that up in under 20 minutes aside from dealing with the title, description, caption, etc. for each image

Sachez: SeriousMatters: because YOU”RE now the one overthinking it. :-

Lingle: Nesoi: again. the problem. if you want extra data on each image such as medium, size, etc, you need to code that