My wordpress WP_Query shows.

Gilfillan: If you have full control of your config, htaccess files are irrelevant.

Fleegle: I have yet to see a reason to edit httpd config

Gilfillan: Well, you don’t know what you’re doing, that’s clear ;

Gilfillan: Also this is Bertman . #httpd is — that way

Ady: You brought up the httpd

Borrelli: Can i ask question here?

Gilfillan: Bryan_: i think you just did.

Schumans: VanHagar5150: goodluck with opsec. He never actually helps.

Harkleroad: Hi, can anyone help me how can i listen a collapse state of control in wordpress customizer? thanks

Slater: That’s not true. opsec can be pretty h

Slater: He can just be a bit gruff, is all.

Wachsmuth: wordpress-caching-plugins/?__s=ez6jsvbsbw9ia8gv8itg&utm_campaign=a-few-site-speed-optimization-tips-for-you&utm_medium=email&utm_source=smush-free-followup">Http://

Medrano: Slater: how’s it going bro? :

Gilfillan: VanHagar5150:

Gilfillan: Run your site through those, they’ll tell you exactly what’s wrong, and how to fix it. so you’re not just doing random things or flipping switches in the dark

Glorioso: Hey guys, in terms of mysql database, would it work if i transfer a wp database from mysql server 5.5 to mysql server 5.0 ?

Spicknall: Smokie – off the top of my head, I don’t know. It may or may not. If I were you, I would dump your mysql db and import it into the 5.0 db in a testing enviorment to see.

Patchell: Smokie: pay attention to collation of tables, utf8mb3 versus utf8mb4

Patchell: Smokie:

Lucarelli: Right. i get this #1273 – Unknown collation: ‘utf8mb4_unicode_ci’ when i try to import from 5.5 to 5.0

Shaver: Smokie:

Flo: Stillwagon, i dont understand how is that related to my “problem”

Gilfillan: Smokie: the elephant in the room is “why are you doing this?”

Gilfillan: Doesn’t seem sane or intelligent

Berardinelli: Opsec, why am i doing what?

Gilfillan: You’re the one doing it, you tell me.

Dunmead: Hi everyone. I’ve created a child theme from the Spacious theme, but it seems that the child didn’t inherit widget areas. Is this by design or did I mess up something? Thanks

Goerlitz: Opsec, i just got what you mean by your question.

Lazarte: Anyone in here used Yoast SEO before and is it quite easy to use/learn?

Casteel: I was trying to move the wp i made from my local server to my hosting server

Chrisjohn: Im running mysql 5.5.2 on my local setup, i didnt know my hosting is running mysql 5.0

Tango: So i just realised what the problem is when mpol mentioned utf8mb4

Gilfillan: I’d get new hosting, 5.0 is horribly old.

Linnane: Already on the phone with them to try and get that upgraded

Gilfillan: I’ve got a bag packed and some tools ready if they refuse.

Gilfillan: Someone is going to end up tied to chair with a fat lip.

Slater: Smokie: who is your provider?

Beachler: They have an “upgraded” admin console for new users which i have access to, that is using the latest mysql 5.5

Kubilus: But not the old admin console for the package im trying to set up

Suffridge: Anyone got an example of protecting wp-admin with nginx? I have this snippet but it’s not working –

Suffridge: Also any experience with the ajax issue?

Slater: Eddq: it’d be helpful if you could define “protecting” and “not working”

Suffridge: When I hit /wp-admin there is no noticeable difference at all. Like it isn’t there

Dichristopher: My wordpress WP_Query shows the same result on each page even though I have used both wp_reset_query and wp_reset_postdata