My default widgets seem to.

Delmedico: Where do i change them? some config.php?

Geil: Harpagornis also look at wordpress-settings-api–cms-624">–cms-624

Reichow: You can use bbpress with your wordpress installation

Khamvongsa: Cypherman: What control panel does your web host use?

Riggles: Cypherman: is it cPanel?

Selmon: Boldwyn I created a new ACF field, so if i go to a post and update the default value will get saved, but is a lot of posts and I want them all to get updated so the default value is saved against them

Waldrep: Thanks fris and widoz

Geil: Harpagornis here is one more, doesnt use its own cl***,

Remigio: Somehow while $query-have_posts : $query-the_post; wp_update_post$post; endwhile; doesnt seem to be doing it, its got all the posts in the loop

Soffa: Anyone know in what file the “text” widget is defined?

Geil: wordpress-plugin/">Http://***-wordpress-plugin/ post wheee it explains how to sue

Geil: WorldsEndless prob the widgets.php file

Ngov: VectorX: still not sure what you’re asking for

Zeeb: Why any settings cl*** include a data sanitization? I hate it

Geil: WorldsEndless wp-includes/default-widgets.php

Geil: Dont edit that file though WorldsEndless

Coley: Fris: I won’t : I’m just creating some instances of text widgets.

Geil: Widoz the sanization has to be done somewhere p

Okoniewski: Hi folks. Working on a project I didn’t write the code for. In the header is_singular’gallery’ returns true, in the footer it returns false, but the ID is the same in both places, am I right to think they used WP_Query in the middle somewhere but didn’t reset it?

Masood: Or messed with the global post somehow?

Billiet: Sweet, they used query_posts in the sidebar.

Geil: Mahung why do i have the feeling youa re gonna be redoing the whole code for the theme :p

Prentice: Fris: It’s hard to leave ugly stuff alone. Maybe if I close my eyes.

Seraille: In the editor, when writing a post or a page, is it possible to remove the option to change text color

Bedlion: Https://,_mce_buttons_2,_mce_buttons_3,_mce_buttons_4#Remove_a_button

Bedlion: Momo_: there’s a direct example there for exactly what you want

Covin: Hello. Using Varnish infront of WP, I get the correct client IP in my webserver log, but WP logs all comments as coming from the webserver itself. Any ideas of what I should change?

Scripture: _TheAvatar: Not a WP questions, but answers seem to be googlable

Mcgovern: Sterndata, guess I used wrong search terms – I did a quick google, but it didn’t seem to be what I was looking for, but I can see the first hits there seems relevant

Freedman: Have you guys noticed, with using the Admin panel from Chrome. things in the sidebar on the left Dashboard, Posts, Media, Pages, etc

Grotzinger: The Google is not strong in this one. but he has a sister!

Feezor: The site that could contain the solution expired 14 days ago tho 😀

Forcht: Jump up and down a bit

Teri: When you try and select them

Zajc: Momo_: wordpress-admin-menu-to-break">

Gwinn: Sterndata: But not in firefox!

Hutto: Di you read what I just linked to you?

Bedlion: Https://

Sauvage: My default widgets seem to be appearing in get_option ‘sidebars_widgets’ ‘footer-1’, prior to my trying to replace default widgets with custom ones. How can I prevent things like “search” from being ***igned to my first initialized sidebar when the theme is originally loaded? defaults seem to load themselves