Much better than my.

Lokan: Moosejaw: when i say “old site” i mean. “old working menu, just the way grandma would make it”

Beeler: Opsec, no problem at all. i’d love the help to understand how to fix it. how old is your daughter? im at home with my kids right now cuz of the teachers strike uphere.

Leithoff: Ahh wow. my kids at 9 and 5.

Kuhry: I had a q about the menu, i want to add a home button to the menu but there is not page since it loads all posts.if I add a custom menu link to the homepage, there is to active cl*** state set to home so I can’t style it.any suggestions on the best approach to this?

Hild: Moosejaw: so what kind of doctoring do you do

Hellyer: Lemd: you can add your own cl*** to it.

Lokan: Moosejaw: i need a free brain surgery, i want to be “better” and i want to be able to crush a tennis ball with my bare hands. can you do it?

Youker: Lemd: then just do .home .main-navigation .mycustomCl*** { color: red;} and you will get a red link on your custom cl*** only on the home page

Lickiss: How do I add ‘home’ to a custom menu when it loads just all posts?

Buntjer: Haha, no i cant but im sure theres a drug that makes u believe you can.

Dicker: Http://

Hirschy: Opsec: thats the old menu

Marke: Since there are no pages to link to it

Wohler: Scavotto im just a gp and work in a family practice up here

Lokan: Moosejaw: heh, see if you can get the old site loaded up when the menu was how you wanted it.

Betenbaugh: Should i get posts to load from an empty page?

Bozell: So. a professional googler?

Shammo: Hmm. you’re fatigued often and have headaches. START EATING MEAT AGAIN

Filipponi: Said a doctor to me 7 years ago

Nessmith: Turned out, after a LONG LONG LONG time of suffering, to be a systemic infection

Cills: Anyone fiddled and knows the flex model? I can’t wrap my head around it.

Palmerton: DRSK: what about it?

Gose: Well, if I use “nowrap” it acts like I want, but I want it to ‘act’ the same way using wrap. if that makes any sense? I have a set height and I would like for the boxes to always be visible using the width/height of the viewport. I just can’t seem to pull it off, whatever I do the 2nd row gets outside of visibility.

Lokan: Moosejaw: didn’t you have a chiro office?

Boutte: However “nowrap” scales everything nicely.

Lokan: Scavotto: ever hear of dr. sarno? ;

Mau: Scavotto are you a professional complainer?

Poitier: So i helped with their website

Ludkowski: Moosejaw: no. just someone who values GPs very little.

Lokan: Thought i recognised your nick ;

Plumley: Scavotto i understand. its a mixed bag as most are stuck between standard of care protocols and not caring.

Dutta: Cissell: you should probably use a mix of CSS and cropping

Henshall: Sorry youve had bad experiences

Titch: Cissell ยป not sure I follow, if you add an image size for 1600×900 Halcom below it will be added

Isenbarger: So images 1600×900 won’t be affected by that image size since it only scales down, not up afaik.

Billiet: DRSK: something that is larger on the height but shorter on the width would still get cropped

Rudzik: So 1400px x 1000px WILL be cropped to 1400px x 900px

Harpin: Oh didn’t pay attention to that, you’re right :

Sherren: Wtf wordpress, y u not updating siteurl

Mantle: Which will break the aspect ratio because it won’t be cropping the width

Houff: My client is using a theme but wants the logo after the nav, Is possible to edit the order of header using a childtheme with a function.php ?

Jacobowitz: Hopefully that made sense

Jeng: Much better than my cardiologist, who’s a bit of an alarmist.