Mr_Midnight: Google result.

Kong: Https://

Rabkin: Does anyone happen to know the right article I should refer to

Jeng: Hansel: “This pluginĀ hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.”

Jeng: Hansel: you might want to use another plugin. the latest post on the support page is two years old.

Bellar: I need to p*** data from one form to a function in wordpress invoking me a book I have in the root of the theme folder.

Wrenne: I need to convert this code: in a function

Carfora: I have this view

Jeng: What was special about that form plugin?

Jeng: Could you use formidable or something else instead?

Amadeo: Fris, yesterday gave me an idea, but it was too late and I could not keep it.

Jeng: Hansel: can you backup and describe what you mean by ” need to p*** data from one form to a function in wordpress invoking me a book I have in the root of the theme folder.”

Jeng: Are you selling a download?

Jeng: If I go to your site and fill out the form ***uming it works, what do I get?

Vogeler: Dermody it literally took me 30 seconds to create the options with the cl***

Kellough: I want to complete this form to process your payment.

Emmerson: First go to this address:

Jeng: And once I’ve paid, what happens? What do you mean by “no book is library”?

Vogeler: Hansel dont think it was me that gave you an idea, i dont remember anything to do with payments or books

Skillman: First go to this address:

Jeng: I see lots of empty boxes and things


Jeng: Are these things I can download? Or physical products?

Kristofferson: Jeng first go to this address:

Jeng: Please answer my questions.

Aispuro: Are plans to publish on the website, it is like a digital newspaper

Riesgo: I see ctrl+s saves a draft, is there a shortcut for publish too?

Jeng: OK, so you’re building a paywall for the content?

Poythress: Select where it says: Bs 22.400

Jeng: This is what I see:

Jeng: Hansel: here are some plugins that might do what you want wordpress-paywall-plugins/">

Waggaman: Please give me the address to send my screenshot

Farrant: My screenshot is:

Jeng: Hansel: interesting. I can see the text when I use the inspector, but it does not display. Looking at your page source, btw, you load the Google font Montserrat 8 times! Anyhow, I don’t think I can help you with this form issue.

Jeng: FWIW, same issue with Firefox.

Daves: Are there usually any issues with WordPress after upgrading MySQL?

Jeng: Mr_Midnight: are YOU having any issues?

Jeng: Mr_Midnight: and what sort of upgrade? from what to what?

Northover: I am upgrading MySQL from 5.1 to 5.5

Montelongo: The issue I have is that MySQL takes about half an hour to start up when the server is rebooted

Dacunha: And so I am hoping going to a newer version resolves that

Jeng: Mr_Midnight: what? that’s crazy. Anyhow, there should be no issue. Do you have a lot of very large dabases?

Bialczyk: We have 4 unused databases about 1 MB in size and our actual wordpress database

Jeng: Soemthing’s very wrong then. have you tried using mysqlcheck to verify that Halcom’s corrupt?

Jeng: And checked your database tuning?

Grabinski: Mr_Midnight: Google result for –