Morss » I’m not sure what.

Morss: Do you mean wp_eqnueue_script

Morss: I saw that in the doc not ._style

Sickinger: _script is for .js files, _style is for .css files

Mclarney: Morss: Google result for wp_enqueue_style –

Morss: Ok thanks. Will try that

Morss: Kovshenin: I’m supposed to be reading throught the whole codex but I need to put something up real quick please do not mind I may ask some questions you think ‘why not just search’ but I wouldn’t make it annoying 😀

Naugher: You’re not supposed to be reading through the whole codex, that’ll be too much :

Vanskike: But if you’re into theme development I suggest you study one of the default themes that ship with wpp

Comes: Qutie some dedication though 😛

Morss: Like I have this and I have linked some JS already statically also images which return a 404

Yuengling: There’s also the developer references on and, it’s missing osme pages still though

Morss: Yes. Default will be better then. I looked into a couple of others from the theme lists and some didn’t even have a index.php

Morss: Anything simple to quickly include images like img src=”?php wp_template_uri.”/src/images/myimage.jpg” ?” alt=””

Villega: Morss: Google result for get_template_directory_uri –

Youla: If they are “bound” to the theme sure; get_stylesheet_directory_uri or get_template_directory_uri depending on whether you’d want a child theme to be able to override it or not I guess.

Morss: Oh I see.The former will allow the overrides.

Jana: Well, it’s a truth with modification hehe, stylesheet will refer to the currently active theme if it’s a child theme or not whereas template directory uri will always point to the parent

Longbrake: That being said, if the “default” theme uses template_directory_uri in say. header.php and you make a child theme and “overwrite” the header.php you’d want to use stylesheet_directory_uri to replace said image instead of what was there, as that’d look in the parent.

Dugar: Unless of course you’d want to use the parent then you’d leave it alone, haha. I must say my phrasing and explanatory skills are winning today

Aben: Ignore me I need coffee bbl

Morss: Anyway to temporary remove the wpadminbar? It’s disturbing and I have to go and set display:none from dev tools each time

Morss: I’m trying to loop through blog posts on the home page with ?php while have_posts : the_post; ? but Kahahane displays. What am I doing wrong?

Rieth: Morss » as for the toolbar it’s an option of your user profile in Users Profile

Rosengarten: As for the home page, have you set that page to be your blog page? If not there’s no query for posts present

Morss: No I didn’t . I thought it’ll default to use the index.php

Braunwarth: Morss:

Galdon: Study that image a while :

Lavatch: Morss: this might be a dumb question but are you actually echoing stuff aswell

Morss: For get_template_uri stuffs I wasn’t echoing till I went back to the codex and found that I had to

Morss: DRSK: I was looking through the image and I think I’ll have to explain what I’m doing clearly

Morss: There’s this plugin already on the desktop website but in order to fetch lesser content and satisfy mobile needs I had to design a new mobile template which a mobile switcher plugin uses for users on mobile devices

Biever: I thought I’d try one more time, with this 404 with nginx and polylang as it’s maybe life or death almost. any ideas? how about you letters _ea through asd

Morss: On those mobile devices they see my own template. Now the default setting in Settings-Reading is Static page and a page from the website

Morss: Here’s the repo

Carmena: Morss » I’m not sure what that plugin is or what it does, but I’m guessing it swaps “templates” based on viewport pixels such as “less than 769 pixels” use X etc. However, erm. there’s a lot more to it.