Missing in dashboard.

Delmoro: Vinex08 – the site seems like a custom bootstrap theme. WordPress wise, I’ve seen that style in lots of kitchen sink themes.

Dickstein: Vinex08: if you want particular layouts then the best thing to do is get custom development.

Dickstein: Vinex08: especially when working with an ecommerce site, I reckon

Dickstein: Like, you can get off-the-shelf themes with lots of config options. or things like “visual composer”. but they can really burden site performance. which slows sales

Daubenmire: Hi! I’m new to WordPress. I’m trying to understand hooks better. Lets say you want to run some additional PHP every time a plugin is used. I could use hooks to do accomplish this, correct? If yes, could I use the data used within that particular plugin for the additional PHP? For example, send a message to my Twitter account every time Plugin

Schlosberg: You could use hooks for that, but that just sounds like a function you’d run when certain sequences run

Nedved: Hooks are much more than that

Egar: Kenshino_: thank you for answering! So the hook could be used to start the process, then call on a function, which then can use the data within that plugin’s routine? In the macro sense, something like a manual version of Zapier?

Andresen: Well think of hooks as points in a system that you can latch on to. Whether you want to run a function yourself, or you designed it to allow other people to latch on as well is up to you

Cumberledge: Very nice : That’s what I needed to know. The concept seems great. Hopefully I’ll be able to link two plugins for something custom. Thanks again Kenshino_

Goodknight: Hello! I am looking to build a list of all wordpress plugins, sorted by popularity. Is doing such a thing possible without scraping wordpress.org/plugins? I know there is a plugin list on http://plugins.svn.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/, but those are sorted alphabetically

Grisby: Memory_leak: https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/WordPress.org_API

Todhunter: Kenshino_: yay! thanks

Lewitt: Memory_leak: see also http://wp-cli.org/commands/plugin/search/

Rinck: Looking for ***istance changing where a CTA in a site header links to. Can’t find where in WordPress it’s located.

Donley: Depends on your theme, could be hard coded, could be a theme setting

Brumbach: Hey guys, can someone recommend a backup plugin that I can get all the pages/menus/etc

Dickstein: Zipp: duplicator or backupbuddy

Dickstein: Duplicator is free and damn awesome

Siddons: If you’re thinking of backing up

Kapichok: Use BackupWordPress or Updraft Plus

Gosser: Duplicator is a useful tool for migration

Nazir: Not really for backups

Dickstein: I haven’t experimented with either of the plugins you’ve jsut mentioned. But I do find duplicator good for manual backups.

Dickstein: But yeah, it is more meant for migrations

Boatner: Aye but the idea of backups would be it should be automated

Haroldsen: Well moreso looking for migration purposes

Dickstein: Zipp: I’d recommend that you try it manually first

Dickstein: After doing a full backup

Dickstein: If you try and to it manually, then you get a better idea of how to troubleshoot things if your use of a plugin goes wrong

Gillie: I’ve tried manually with no luck, is there anything more simple where it just produces a file or zip that I upload on the other site?

Elicker: I tried exporting & importing the sql file

Denet: Zipp, how exactly are you exportng/importing the sql file

Nonu: Typically always works for me

Denet: What seems to be the problem

Geil: Anyone using multisite?

Omland: I don’t see pages or menus

Denet: They are missing in the dashboard or failing to load on the front end or . ?

Aylsworth: Missing in dashboard laurentide