MikeyD: so you can either.

Sinkler: Scavotto: im trying, im not sure waht things are called, sorry

Garnand: HowardwLo: So WTF does the template picker have to do with this?

Barthelmes: HowardwLo: if you dont know what things are called you should try to figure it out

Molinini: OR be more clear in explaining what “THING” you’re talking about

Keesler: HowardwLo: so um. can you tell me what the template picker has to do with this at al?

Materna: Scavotto: http://snag.gy/Rqjet.jpg this is the template picker im referring to, i don’t know what it’s called. but this is under ACF

Boegel: HowardwLo: THAT is not the template picker. the template picker is what you first showed me. Thats just a conditional statement created by ACF for you to choose to show something when somethng else is true

Roberg: Scavotto: that is the value i can’t change when i try to update it

Kapetanos: HowardwLo: so you’re going to have to look at ACF docs and figure out what the meta field is called or where they store the “location” field groups.

Bonefield: Or ask on the ACF support form

Mamone: Scavotto: ya, so figured i’d try the “apply common fixes” and see if it fixes it

Istre: Scavotto: cause it’s quicker

Machle: HowardwLo: i dont even know what that means

Hummel: Scavotto: trying different common fixes to see if the problem goes away? :

Ho: I’m guessing the plugin has a button that says ‘apply common fixes’ ?

Prchal: HowardwLo: this IS the common fix!

Sumera: Ok, so, there IS a limit to the amount of files most FTP clients can show in a folder

Golderer: I placed the images i could see in a folder,*poof* there they are 😀

Magwood: Scavotto: im having a hard time finding it in the docs, i’m not sure what to do

Yett: HowardwLo: ACF has a support forum

Demoney: Have any of you setup digital product downloads with mp3s using WooCommerce? I have a site with these, but they don’t function properly on iPhones/adding to iTunes.

Maiorano: HowardwLo: so go there. theyre going to know how their own plugin is structured

Lokan: Krabs: how’s the 10 hour approach going? ;

Carbee: MikeyD: what is “dont function properly” mean?

Trepagnier: Scavotto: The downloading works fine on PCs, but won’t download on iPhones

Lokan: And a broken enter key it seems.

Brenes: MikeyD: you know that the iphone does not have a file system for downloading files, right?

Moses: You know 1 month ago you posted a screen with 1000+ tabs or so 😛

Ballow: Oh god. if you could have seen my tabs when I was debugging the backbone.js part of the WP media modal

Core: Scavotto: Kinda. More of an Android guy myself. Any ideas on how to get something to like this to work? Someone using their phone goes on the site, purchases an mp3, and should be able to play it on their device

Mcelfresh: MikeyD: iphones don’t work that way

Parilla: Scavotto: Ideas for a solution that works on iphones?

Hazelwood: MikeyD: you have to go through itunes to save music on your phone. You can PLAY it by linking directly to the MP3 file but they can not save it without going through itunes

Lokan: MikeyD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBUJcD6Ws6s

Maclachlan: Scavotto: That sounds like a complicated process for average users

Fiegel: MikeyD: the iphone file system is locked down so that you can only really save photos. You can save other things if you have an app like drop box but videos and music all have to be added to the itunes library

Kabba: MikeyD: no its really simple for the average usser. The average user just has to open itunes and download what they want

Goettel: MikeyD: so you can either start selling your MP3s on itunes OR you can provide instructions on how to download and save to an itunes library on your computer and give the user the option to do one or both