Mcquiller: if you’re.

Keany: As the placeholder for the other stuff

Dunemn: I’ll give it a shot and report back

Wolhok: Incompetenttttt: double check the value of that field though. make sure you’re calling the right field ID

Mohney: When I replaced it with the biz_phone and cell_phone now it doesnt return any data

Shildneck: Before the cell phone field was half working it was pulling in the biz phone data

Blausey: Now they’re both empty

Gaskamp: Incompetenttttt: like i said. double check that cell_phone is the ACTUAL name of the field!

Leonberger: Incompetenttttt: look in your DB for it

Porell: But isnt that what im defining on lines 4 and 11?

Steans: Incompetenttttt: sometimes plugins will add a leading _ to the name. So like _cell_phone or will add something like woo_cell_phone

Montijo: Ill look in db too just asking

Oeder: Incompetenttttt: you have to look in the DB. please dont make me repeat myself ;

Obey: Incompetenttttt: go to the post_meta table with phpmyadmin if you have it and do a search for meta_key %cell%

Colunga: Is there any common function or plugin to verify the DPI of an uploaded image?

Kouyate: Incompetenttttt: that will show you all instances of where the meta_key has the value of cell in it. whatever the value is in the meta_key field is what you should use when getting post meta via get_post_meta

Haik: Mcquiller: for what purpose?

Hyatt: Guimares: printing, would like size and DPI constraint, 300 for DPI

Aanenson: Mcquiller: so you want to check that an image is at least 300 DPI before allowing printing?

Shelko: Guimares: to toss error if it’s not on upload

Lambourne: Mcquiller: ah ok. umm. well you would PROBABLY want to do that with javascript

Eun: Hmm good point will save having to fully upload it to server, will have to take a look for a library

Ohyama: What’s weird is the phone # I saved as biz phone in my test order is showing up in the cell field even in the db itself

Reith: And the meta key has a space in it

Hockensmith: Incompetenttttt: so the meta key having a space in it is a HUGE no no

Scandrett: Incompetenttttt: you have to fix up how you handle the actual saving of the values and generating of the values first then

Scaringe: Mcquiller: yea. there are plenty of JS libraries out there for client side validation. but i’ve always had an issue with getting image sizes on upload.

Alawdi: Mcquiller: UNLESS you can tell the client / person uploading to make sure to include the DPI in the exif data maybe

Tumbaga: Mcquiller: depends on your client and how much control you have over them

Birnell: No they’re not going to be that sophisticated :

Pano: Mcquiller: ok. well then you’re going to probably have to calculate DPI based on pixel length and height maybe. but even then that can be dodgey

Kinderknecht: Mcquiller: remember that DPI is going to depend on how big the image actually is though. You can have a high DPI but a small pic that is only 10px x 10px which, in most cases, would be considered an unprintable size

Raducha: Guimares: Only going to allow 4×6 postcards so maybe that will make it easier

Betteridge: Mcquiller: perhaps you need an API like offers

Weinmann: Mcquiller: well not really. because I can open an image in photoshop, do an image size of 4″ x 6″ and save as and upload that. The file size is going to read just fine. but the picture WILL be stretched out

Tappe: Mcquiller: something like ImageMagik i think can calculate DPI / PPI much better

Gaznes: Nootrope_: thanks I’ll check that out if I can’t get it

Ehlers: Guimares: hmm ok I’ve seen a bit about ImageMagik but haven’t read up on it yet

Mavity: Mcquiller: if you’re trying to automate some type of printing process. you’re going to HAVE to have humans check it. no matter what