Mcguirk has been giving me.

Curls: Yea i have a 3TB drive on my desk with my storage backups. I dont do time machine though because I honestly can deal without backing up application data.

Lavey: I also have two drives in my imac. stoarge reg. and SSD

Trussell: Randy53215 was downloading at night, chrome crashed, said corrupte dprofile, rebooted, went into kernel panic loop, tried single user, safe mode, recovery mode, pretty much every mode available, even booted to yosemite bootable usb, still kernel panic

Trussell: Very frustrating, paid almost 5000 for the imac

Trussell: First time ive had an issue hardware wise

Trussell: Bu***and i willprob get a macbook when im down in arizona in a week

Gallagher: Fris: Matt has had issues with the RAM in his imac too. what year was yours?

Trussell: Bu***and imac retina late 2014

Cockriel: Hmmm never heard of that before. That’s crazy

Gobrecht: If I were to give you my guess I would say logic board

Dierkes: Fris: did you get yhe warning beep?

Trussell: Reason it was so expensive, upgraded to i7, upgraded to 32gb ram, upgraded to 3tb fusio and upgraded to 4gb video

Mccomish: What kind of RAM did you get?

Trussell: Rest is corsair mac memory

Trussell: I already tried taking out the corsair

Durnil: Fris: i dont think you’re supposed to mix ram cards

Sikkila: Fris: did you get the beep when it died?

Trussell: Randy53215 the only mode i could go into is diagnostic option+d on boot and it said no issues were foud

Formento: Hi everyone. is there a plugin that let me create a “tree of users”?. something with the structure with Multi-Level-Marketing, but ONLY the user structure.

Trussell: Bu***and no it just cycles in a loop

Trussell: Kernel panic, then start sound, kernel pannic, etc

Malbaurn: Hi, is there a way to customized a plugins .po file but prevent the update from replacing it

Trussell: Edgar nnot sure what you mean a tree

Mcinally: Fris: he wants a heirarchy of users

Trussell: Malbaurn you can add it to your theme and have the po file use the plugins text domain

Malbaurn: Ok i thought about something like that cool, but where exactly

Trussell: Im ***uming the plugin isnt yours

Trussell: Load text domain function

Overcast: Fris:

Malbaurn: How do i know the domain?

Dibert: Malbaurn: look at it in the code

Trussell: Malbaurn check the plugin source

Phaneuf: Malbaurn: look at the main plugin file

Fredericks: Yep Bu***and is right. a hierarchy of users. One user can belong only under one leader.

Trussell: Prob has something like functions like __ or _e etc the domain at the end

Malbaurn: Will the theme be included before the plugins folder?

Mckimmy: Damn that ****s fris, especially on such a new box

Trussell: Randy53215 got it in november 2014, so it was newish

Trocchio: Edgar: thats a big data architecture question not particularly suited for this chat. you have to think about your data and how you want to built it into the WOrdPress system and THEN ask

Hagene: Got it Bu***and, thanks!

Malbaurn: Fris do i just place it in my themes folder

Malbaurn: Or is there a path i need to take carae of

Trussell: Malbaurn i have never done it with multiple textdomains, bettr ask someone else, or search google

Orlando: Malbaurn: Google result for include new .po file in wordpress

Bahr: Mcguirk has been giving me “t” as the result for most my searches lmao. bug not fixed :