MaryAnn do up the html for.

Savaria: Search engines could care less what a url looks like only humans care about that. they care only about page content.

Kistler: Opsec: when I edit the permalinks. will it update my htaccess file?

Meshyock: Because my custom permalinks are not working

Lardydell: The ugly ones work fine

Savaria: Htaccess files have a single purpose, to give a user access to configure *some* options when they have no permission to edit the main config.

Laurimore: So where are the permalinks stored?

Savaria: Htaccess files must be enabled in the main config to be read/processed

Savaria: Also, mod_rewrite must be enabled.

Kill: Problem is my custom permalinks are not working on some pages

Savaria: Fantastic. however, wordpress does not care if there are htaccess files or rewrites or not. all that is processed before wordpress is reached.

Savaria: Check your error logs or rewrite logs

Shillinger: Not sure if I can on this shared host but let me try.

Savaria: If you don’t have any, add proper directives. debug your apache httpd server in #httpd

Savaria: If it’s nginx, htaccess files will be totally irrelevant

Savaria: Nginx doesn’t use them. only httpd does

Marchal: I can use the php backtrace function I guess 😀

Uljevic: AbuDhar: Error Log Viewer by BestWebSoft –

Filipovich: MalditoDev: if you use the CSS column settings, the columns will auto wrap into about equal lengths

Gadlin: I want to write my own CMS 😀

Pevahouse: Opsec i have installed it from cpanel i didn’t had this option to chose

Filipovich: AbuDhar: are you on a VPS?

Filipovich: Was going to give you backup scripts

Savaria: Pevahouse: that is not connected at all.

Kules: Filipovich: well I do have a VPS 😀

Savaria: Pevahouse: when you installed wpmu, you had a choice of subdomian or subdirectory install, you chose subdirectory. you cannot change it now unless you reinstall wordpress.

Bollier: Hehe I thought you asked if I am writing from it now :

Filipovich: AbuDhar: backup mysql:

Funn: Ok question on img src=”?php echo get_post_meta get_the_ID, ‘rotatimg-image-save’, true ; ?” the echo returns the ID of the meta box, i need to get the media image url of that ID how would I do that?

Filipovich: AbuDhar: to backup web stuff: rsync -a /var/www /home/myuser/www-backup

Filipovich: Put both in cron to run at 3AM

Funn: Wp_get_attachmenti_image?

Angelovich: Yeah but this site is not hosted on my VPS

Tenaglia: But I will remember that for the future

Pevahouse: Opsec i have no probleme to reinstall but i explaine to you what i want to do:


Filipovich: OK, install a backup plugin that backs up off site like and set it to run daily

Kaus: Filipovich: thanks a lot!

Pevahouse: The undersites will be

Savaria: Pevahouse: choose a subdomain install then.

Levert: Opsec:

Savaria: Pevahouse:

Tyra: That took like 3 hours

Filipovich: And what have we learned from this?

Emigholz: Someone recommended multisite

Lagarde: Good Afternoon. I have client that wants a survery monkey form in a WordPress site. She needs this afternoon. Any idea how to do this? I know you can do an iframe but it looks ugly

Filipovich: MaryAnn: how about

Trussell: MaryAnn do up the html for the form, and create a shortcode with the output would be easiest