Manvelyan: thats sad that.

Fernelius: Manvelyan: on the use of cats / taxonomies like posts and tax meta

Manvelyan: Vendig: yes, those are appropriately categories

Barna: Vendig: those are categories.

Cremer: Vendig: well. for the most part

Tomko: Vendig: but you dont need a full on post edit UI to create those.

Manvelyan: Tires are a “product” CPT

Manvelyan: I agree it would be a pain to enter several hundred terms in each — so it might be a good use of a CSV import tool.

Shady: Manvelyan: but a post editor style screen wouldnt make that any easier anyways

Koritko: Now I want a fancy website. So I give each tire post custom fields to place a nice header, so select a background pattern, what sidebar to load, a relationship field to the resellers that have them, a thumbnail and 3 paragraphs of introduction text so Google loves the page.

Manvelyan: Yeah, that’s a custom post. We’re all agreed on that.

Hantzarides: Vendig: we’ve already agreed that your tire, which is a product you sell, is a Custom POST

Manvelyan: Tire = CPT. Brand = tax tire_type = tax

Hentz: Now is done and awesome.

Doten: But if I want to be just as customized as that tire page. I’m going to have a bad time in the backend

Sluis: Vendig: we are ALL waiting for your point

Levandofsky: It can work, but the UI isnt made for it

Manvelyan: So do it in a spreadsheet and upload via CSV in one swell foop

Hoskinson: Vendig: but its NOT hard to do any of those things with a tax

Manvelyan: So what’s the point, anyway? Can the UI be improved? Yes. How? Go to the WP 4.4 wishlist and add your wish.

Ras: I asked if the UI was up for discussion because its not adequate for anything beyond blogging

Olli: Vendig: the UI should never be as complex and content-centric as posts IMHO

Manvelyan: However, when I enter a tax term, generally I add ontent, click save, then add new… bang, bang, bang, heads down data entry.

Manvelyan: We can’t change the UI here, Brugman

Badders: Vendig: it IS adequate. You can add your own fields and format them yourself till your hearts content.

Muinos: Vendig: but the idea behind taxonomies is that once they’re entered, they’re entered. Editing them after the fact would be rare

Swartzbeck: Vendig: but ALL of those things are still possible with a custom tax and tax meta

Manvelyan: Write a post about it somewhere, generate some following, and take it to the core team. maybe even build a plugin that does it the way you want as a demo.

Manues: Vendig: what particular parts of the post edit screen do you think are necessary for a taxonomy? Is it literally just the redirect BACK to the list of terms on save? That is meant to be because when people add a tax its usually meant to be a quick data entry of consecutive items

Guerin: I agree its possible but its not comfortable and like you said you feel like your coding yourself into a corner if the client wants more later. Ill grab a screenshot.

Goetze: Vendig: what isn’t comfortable about it? You can make the custom meta fields for your tax pretty simple and easy to use

Slivka: Vendig: i said you code yourself into a corner if you try to use taxonomies like posts. and that is a statement that is different than what you are saying

Manvelyan: Vendig: this is all just masturbatory. No one here is able to change the UI for you.

Stankovic: Manvelyan: its ok to have conversations like these. i dont understand why you’re seemingly interested in stopping it

Plankey: I wasnt looking for a group discussion I just took the time to explain what I was saying to LindsayMac

Manvelyan: Fun but ultimately empty activity

Horseman: Its difficult like the media library, i mean who even goes into their media library ever

Nishimoto: Manvelyan: thats sad that you think that