Manvelyan: so how will this.

Manvelyan: Schuller: this is support for self-hosted wordpress, not hosting.

Dipolito: Hussey: i do appreciate you taking a high level approach, but this is like a favor for someone, super low level, just have something up. It’s very very basic, but what is wanted despite what is best for the client

Sandor: Wienert: the WP coding standards urge NOT using shorttags

Schuller: Ok thanks but whom to contact, it would be very greatful is you could give the details

Mcclain: Schuller: we are NOT providers for WordPress

Wienert: Duly noted, Hussey, I will forego it in the future

Manvelyan: Schuller:

Loreaux: Opsec: curious what you’re PMing?

Onstead: I just gave him the entire toolset

Scopel: Can I remove this protection without modifying core WordPress files? For example by a plugin or modifying functions.php? ” You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.” I understand it’s usage, but does not apply in my current scenario

Gevedon: Hussey, opsec sorry guys :/ i get it better now lol

Oransky: Ended up using this:

Kussel: Opsec: i figured what REALLY was throwing me off about posts and probably still is; “WordPress can hold and display many different types of content. A single item of such a content is generally called a post, although post is also a specific post type.”

Manvelyan: ScoDal: see you can add a filter to disable comment flood protection

Sowards: Django_: wordpress has multiple post types “posts”, “pages”, and “media”

Onstead: Post — page default cpt — all other cpts reviews, testimonials, recipes, cars, products, you name it

Morrish: Opsec: media is as well a post type but its a little different

Phommaseng: Manvelyan thank you, I had noticed this but have also noticed when I make core modifications they are subject to change when WordPress upgrades. Do you think I’ll be safe making this modification?

Dimock: What is the proper word for the posts here:

Franzen: Where it says ‘recent posts’

Onstead: Django_: when you say “posts” here, you’re talking about posts, when you say “pages” here, you’re talking about pages, when you “cpt” you’re talking about a cpt you made.

Manvelyan: It’s not a core modification. you add a filter in your functions.php

Lapsley: Manvelyan Gotcha, on it : ty again

Harts: ScoDal: you should NEVER be making core mods

Manvelyan: Looking for a good example now

Abbed: Hussey so I learned by being a dumb head, never again

Gemmill: Not recently, but you know, live and learn

Manvelyan: ScoDal: wordpress-comment-flood-prevention/">

Lamonda: Oh that’s even shorter, Manvelyan! I have added both to functions.php, one is commented out, I will turn both on one by one and see how each react. Thanks

Golds: I don’t even need to look further Manvelyan, — add_filter’comment_flood_filter’, ‘__return_false’; —

Roads: Im writing a pluging to add a form to a page post. currently i was using the_content and doing str_replace. Worked great using ob_start; and ob_get_clean; to get the content of a page but when i installed in the final wordpress seems the ob_start displays content at the top of the page along with where it should be. Is tehre any other way around it?

Manvelyan: ScoDal: it may mess up spam filtering… there may be unintended consequences

Arterbury: Darkdrgn2k:

Brechtel: Manvelyan, intranet usage, spammers will be fired and forego paychecks lol, i’m safe. Thank you, it’s useful in my case

Buhlig: Manvelyan:still need to get the page into a variable to replace.

Buttler: Manvelyan: so how will this help?