Manvelyan: I would ***ume.

Addicks: Any ideas how I can keep from getting failed login attempts? I already block wp-login.php and xmlrpc and wp-traceback by IP. I put in “Disable XML-RPC” wordpress plugin. But I still get failed login attempts. Any ideas?

Manvelyan: Did you read the codex, darkdrgn2k? get_the_content returns a string.

Otts: Manvelyan: yes but the data im “injecting” is in a differnt page

Devault: Manvelyan: so i used ob_start. include _ob_get_clean to get the data that is to be injected

Treine: So i can just include ?

Manvelyan: Or you can get the post object for that other post and use $otherpost-content to get its content

Manvelyan: Darkdrgn2k: start at the beginning and explain what you want to do.

Brymer: Yeah I don’t get why you’re using ob to begin with

Echeverri: Post has a placeholder test

Goetze: I want to replace test with the content of test.php

Glinski: Any reason why you’re not using shortcodes?

Manvelyan: Since that’s so close to a shortcode, why not do it as one?

Livasy: Never used shortcodes

Eugley: Yeah, you’ll want to look at them then

Scavuzzo: Darkdrgn2k:

Bocchieri: Hello , i want to add a slider in entry header section on main part on home page

Manvelyan: Aparently, you’ve never used Google either

Tucek: Any idea how can i do that

Pikes: Note that if you don’t want to echo out every line of html you’ll still have to use ob darkdrgn2k

Chauvette: But there is an api out there for what you’re trying to do

Manvelyan: Zeroquake: are you using a store bought theme?

Meetze: The problem is on my test wordpress the replace and ob works fine

Garoutte: Https://

Trosper: Darkdrgn2k: sure, that’s all well and good, but it’s not really the way to do it

Blomme: But in the production one the ob and obclean returns the content as well as pushes it to the stroing

Hennigan: Darkdrgn2k: just because it works doesn’t mean its the right way to do something.

Rogian: Ohlinger: ill re-write it for shortcodes but the problem still remans

Manvelyan: Zeroquake: if it does not support a slider in the header, you’ll need to child theme it and modify header.php in the cild.

Burki: I don’t think it will when you rewrite it

Vollstedt: So with short codes. how do i include the data from a FILE.PHP

Mattox: Darkdrgn2k: the fact that there is a FAR more effecient way to do this ie: shortcodes means that you should redo it with that way. its mnore effecient and more maintainable

Hassan: You’ll have to read the shortcode api

Oxford: It outlines how to display content and everything

Spohn: Darkdrgn2k: why does your “data” have to be in it’s own file? why not in a function?

Englehardt: And Hussey kinda hit it on the head, ob will work, but it’s not exactly the most efficient way to capture the output of a page and then replace its contents and then display it

Ortolano: Hussey: becuase it uses ?balablabl? method to display contnet

Manvelyan: Zeroquake: most of the slider plugins generate a shortcode, so you’d need to run that shortcode n the header.php via do_shortcode

Tsuha: Manvelyan, yes , just found ?php if is_page ‘home’ echo do_shortcode’layerslider id=”1″‘; ?

Dart: Weird that it’s using do_shortcode with layerslider

Darcus: Darkdrgn2k: because WHY ?

Manvelyan: So you need to set up slider with the ID of 1….

Isby: As layerslider has its own function to handle something like that

Snow: Hussey: because thats wht it is. and i need to insert it into the wordpress site.

Chilsom: Manvelyan: I would ***ume not if that’s in the code