Maldito__: sub-nav as in.

Enstad: Further more, if you stop me from leaving your site, that’s going to **** me off

Shelburne: Znf: Again, you’re talking about me using that plugin, which I’m not going to do.

Enstad: I’m playing D3 in the same time

Trussell: Finished windows update 135 of 175

Trussell: What prob you having _Zodiac

Amert: Can suddenly not login on WHM panel server

Trible: Ugh.server was still rebooting it to p 😀

Shelburne: _Zodiac: I’m guessing you’re a reseller?

Woolverton: Anybody here use roots/trellis for theme development?

Meras: Hi I’m working on a WordPress site and I need to set up a page to store a large donors list, basically a long list of names and donation amounts. Very long list. I’m looking for a little advice on how to best tackle this problem. I was thinking about setting up a custom post type donor and then create a custom page layout to hold the large list. Any advice would be appreciated

Filipovich: Maldito__: if you need to store a lot of info about the donors, then a CPT is probably the way to go. If it’s just a list of names and amounts that’s sort of static, then one can manage the list offline and paste it onto a page every now and again.

Dickison: Yeah its just 2-3 pieces of data per donor. but what about page layout. I’d like it to be multi-column

Filipovich: That’s just CSS, either explicit columns or setting up an auto-column format.

Filipovich: Maldito__:

Filipovich: Use shortcodes to control column-ness

Filipovich: Or if you want explicit column control, you could do something like this:

Zangara: Filipovich: Sorry OFFTOPIC is this the correct way installing for CentOs yum install php-mbstring –enablerepo=remi

Filipovich: You don’t necessarily need the remi repo, unless you’re using newer versions of PHP

Filipovich: But the command is correct

Filipovich: I use remi on my CentOS box to get PHP 5.6

Folk: Filipovich: PHP Version 5.4.38 and just yum install tells its not to find therefore

Filipovich: If you’re going to use remi-, you need to be consistent and pull all your PHP from there.

Filipovich: What verson of CentOS are you using?

Filipovich: Hang on. I have access to a C5 box

Filipovich: Yeah, it’s not in the Centos 5 base repos. You need it from remi or utterramblings

Beilman: Filipovich: m i nuts? no package hp-mbstring available it says

Filipovich: Dunno. on C5, I use utterramblings rather than remi

Manuele: Is also good/reliable I ***ume

Filipovich: On C6 and C7, I’m using remi

Ratelle: I just should follow guide on that site Filipovich?

Filipovich: To create the repo file? Yeah.

Filipovich: But be careful that you don’t wind up in rpm conflict hell

Filipovich: I really need to retire that C5 box. It runs one private PHP app for a client

Filipovich: I could move it to another of their Linux servers and build login security into it.

Filipovich: Right now, it’s behind their firewall.

Morrison: Filipovich if I want to create a sub-nav that only appears on 1 particular page, woudl you do that in a custom page layout and build a static nav section?

Gostomski: Oh oh. thank you for the info but that is one step to much cause my lack of knowledge Filipovich, I should follow your suggestion from a mnth ago.go for Centos 6 or even 7

Kossack: The subnave would simply be anchor points scrolling to certain section of that donors list

Filipovich: Maldito__: sub-nav as in another menu? If so, I’d put a conditional in header.php: if is_page $something { wp_nav_menu array ‘theme_location’ = ‘subnav’ ; } or something like that