MadLems Are you having.

Shelburne: Nevermind, I’m looking the function up.

Filipovich: Shelburne: it has to do with translations

Debrot: Another question. what is it called when you come to a site and you get two choices in the form of two buttons?

Filipovich: A choice? a binary choice?

Shelburne: Why sanitize a page link? It’s not sending anything to DB.

Solymani: Filipovich: yes. two buttons that will lead to different URLs

Filipovich: Shelburne: I think because the DB value can be maliciously translated on the way out of the DB. If you have specific questions, ask on the github issues list.

Filipovich: Theappel: it’s just a two button form

Filipovich: Or just two links styled to look like buttons

Shelburne: Translated on the way out of the DB? I have no idea how that is possible nor how it would be useful.

Filipovich: I don’t think any of the _s authors are here.

Kolenda: Filipovich: yes. but how do i make it so it is the first thing the user sees? when the user goes to they should see these two buttons

Shelburne: Does WP use PDO or mysqli?

Filipovich: You make that the content of the home page, skinux

Filipovich: Set a fixed home page

Filipovich: Look at the code behind wpdb

Shelburne: I just don’t understand how anything PHP can be malisciously transformed without the hacker having access to the server.

Shelburne: I mean going to the DB is one thing, but coming FROM the DB, I don’t see how that can be hacked.

Shelburne: You can’t change any PHP code coming FROM the server without some kind of FTP access.

Filipovich: Shelburne: I think it’s because home_url is translatable, so of a malicious user is able to install a .pot file, evil might ensue. I don’t know for sure; you should ask the _s devs if this really grinds your gears.

Merck: What might make a firewall stop us from publishing / editing WP posts and from uploading media files, but otherwise seem to have no impact on our site?

Filipovich: MadLems: mod_security can do that

Filipovich: wordpress">Https://

Heidmann: Filipovich: Any ideas how I could debug or look into it more?

Filipovich: Is this your own server or shared hosting?

Heeney: When createing a database for wordpress should i create it with “CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci” ?

Rodrique: Filipovich: it’s “our” own server, that another group administers

Filipovich: Ask them what they changed since it last worked.

Bemben: Filipovich: Wouldn’t it be great if they knew much about what they were doing? 😛

Funn: In wordpress how do i make it where if a link is clicked the active link changes color and stays that way?

Gabrial: They just did a major firewall change last week, and it’s been like this since. Trying to help them figure out what’s different

Filipovich: They probably don’t understand the side effectgs, MadLems

Funn: A:active is for when you click on the link

Filipovich: Dopie: CSS — a:visited, a:active, a:focus, etc

Filipovich: Dopie: it’s not a WordPress issue, it’s a CSS issue

Filipovich: But it’s a problem for dopie to take up in #CSS, not here

Funn: I guess you are right

Filipovich: Or go google “CSS link colors”

Funn: The four link states are not good.

Funn: How do i make wordpress add a cl*** to a link when clicked

Funn: I’m thinking its more jQuery :

Sietsma: Php could do that too

Pasion: Filipovich: Is there any way for me to see if mod_security is active with phpinfo or similar?

Glow: MadLems Are you having issues with your customizer going to a white page?