Linked to is the.

Johansson: I have a CPT that I need even subscribers to be able to edit; but adding naively ‘edit_posts’ = ‘read’ to the register-post_type args array doesn’t do the trick. Recommendations?

Fendt: Which applies to me, so if I undid what I did I’d be ignoring the do***ent

Buzzanca: Azelphur: you didnt say that everything remains the same.

Caughlin: Azelphur: how did you get your DB to stay the same?

Szumiesz: Guimares: by.not changing it?

Sawdo: Azelphur: you have a new hosting, your DB config is exactly the same as the old host?

Marturano: Also the changing your domain name and URLs do***entation I cannot follow – this would render a site in production inoperable

Mathia: Ok. well if its working, its working.

Rodolph: Guimares: I made the relevant changes there, it’s just the issue I stated that is blocking me atm :

Neglio: Azelphur: do you have force_ssl to true in your config files? What did you do to setup the SSL in the first place? Just undo that

Marable: Guimares: sadly I have no idea what the original person did, I’ve been called in to fix the mess :

Linarez: Azelphur: so if you dont know. and we dont know. but you have the files in front of you. you’re probably best suited for this job

Caffrey: Guimares: I was ***uming it would be a setting in the DB somewhere that forces SSL on the admin panel, apparently that isn’t the case

Clerkley: Probably easier to just set up a self signed cert on the load balancer until I get a valid one :

Sachez: Azelphur: you can have a cert in 10 minutes, for free.

Benken: Sachez: I’m more than aware, the company has a cert but I’m getting things up and running first and leaving cert/domain migration till last :

Bilagody: Brain is borked. i want to search to make sure a value doesnt exist in a meta field and if it does not then add it to the user meta field array

Keasley: Anyone here have experience with using Sentry to monitor WordPress?

Hamalainen: I’m basically using a Sentry client and p***ing that into set_error_handler, but it’s only logging things like throw new Exception”; and not other errors.

Algien: Is there a way to modify WP_Error to throw an exception every time?

Koelsch: Nobody talkative online right now, eh? too late in the day most places I guess.

Sikkema: Can someone tell me if anything special needs to be done to have a form in an admin page submit to itself? I’m getting a blank page upon submission

Wehmann: How long does WP stay logged in? Is it still 48 hours?

Carnevale: Why wouldn’t $post be available within my loop?

Carnevale: Working with the results of a WP_Query

Osterlund: Carnevale: whats your code?

Safar: Carnevale: shoudl come prepared to cl*** sir

Carnevale: Http://

Yager: Carnevale:

Eshenbrenner: Carnevale: thats not your problem

Hofer: Carnevale: your problem is you dont know what you’re p***ing in that function whatever it is

Nietupski: Carnevale: hsta_the_task_perf_card

Mostowy: Carnevale: whaty makes you think $post isn’t setup already?

Carnevale: Undefined variable: post in /var/www/wp-content/themes/hsta.

Babine: Carnevale: well either way that is wrong wrong wrong

Goupil: Carnevale: do var_dump$post; before that line

Carney: Anyone else familiar w/ custom post types & uploads? I have a meta box for uploading an mp3 and an action set for “save_post”. I know I’m hitting my method but the $_FILES array is empty.

Huebert: Carnevale: is this inside of another loop? Whats the complete code?

Carnevale: This is part of an ajax call, what I linked to the body of the method I’m working on

Carnevale: Linked to is the body*