LindsayM_: I see, but.

Martian: Is there a way to show the incorrect value entered in the field?

Blakemore: Can someone suggest/advise me of a really good woocommerce ready theme for wordpress? Looking for a good all-round theme with lots of customization options and all.

Schoeneman: I was looking at getting Virtue:

Bernheim: But I’m thinking there might be an even better theme for around the same price. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help with this ;

Pinkard: The WP Settings API kinda make no sense. WP core doesn’t use it.

Stepanian: Sterndata: I installed plugin and I defined rss but I couldn’t use syndication

Colorado: Temhaa: I’ve never used that plugin. It seems like it might work.

Toting: Hi all, I’m trying to make some changes to a plugin that someone developed for us, where we send the plugin version to our server, but every time I try to run get_plugin_data within the plugin, it just says the function is undefined. Is there something I need to do so that all the global wordpress functions are available within my plugin?

Dulle: Sdousley: according to the codex it only works in the admin

Kucera: Why do you need get_plugin_data though

Serini: If you are sending your own version back, shouldnt’ that be available in a variabnles or similar in the plugin that’s running the code ?

Hayworth: Mpol: Just noticed that as it’s in the wp-adminincludes :

Valentino: Gapen: I just wanted to get it programatically, that way, we don’t have to worry about updating the value that gets sent, just update the version in the index.php file

Adner: The problem, is that the version is stored in the comment at the start of index.php

Larive: Most plugins define their own version in the code

Kapps: This is used when determining what update procedures to run when an udpate is released etc, it’s a nice habit of getting into to always include it

Heyliger: Fair enough. I might do this then.

Galyon: We can use a sub-folder to ¨store¨ our page templates but is there also a way to do the same for post templates?

Kogut: Sterndata: meaning single-slug.php

Saetern: _Zodiac: by default, I don’t think so.

Hams: But get_template_part is an awesome way of semi-doing it

Zarling: Single.php in root and use post_type and such

Goswami: What’s the current alternative to “Add from Server” to import media that exists on disk into the database?

Heisser: _Zodiac: are you talking about template files for CPTs or for specific posts?

Stueber: Sterndata: for the CPTś

Siever: I’m not seeing anything, _Zodiac

Schmierer: Sterndata: was already getting same results none but that happends often to me therefore was putting my hope here, thank you anyway.

Troke: Does anyone use Settings API who might be able to answer some questions?

Coxwell: SeriousMatters: Don’t ask to ask, just ask :

Panagis: Hey everyone, I got my wordpress site up and running great! But for some reason, NO images at all are loading, none from uploads, none from the website itself. Any help here?

Rotering: is the website

Gavinski: Mordacai: your images load just fine for me

Oakey: Really? can you show me a screenshot? Maybe it’s just my computer

Oflynn: Mordacai: perhaps you’re expecting the images to load on the home page, but the theme doesn’t work that way

Cascioli: Mordacai:

Harre: So it’s supposed to be bland like that?

Stammel: Oh I suppose it is. Well then, I’m glad the images are working. looks like I’m going to have to look for a better theme

Ragasa: SeriousMatters: use first line validation javascript so you arent processing a form and then telling them something is wrong. tell them something is wrong immediately

Steerman: LindsayM_: I see, but surely I shouldn’t rely on client side validation for security reasons.