LindsayM_, deal with them.

Patter: Those socks are antiques. treat them with respect.

Locker: The question is that has posts in two languages, one is RTL, the other is LTR. there’s this preview of each post on the main page, and if you click on each post, you’ll see the full post and the comments, etc. section. ok?

Killingworth: Wethern: Another happy customer leaves the building :

Dewees: The right to left and left to right are fine in those full post pages

Wethern: Ok now i’m being an ****

Huitink: But on that preview one, everything is LTR.

Wethern: So you’re wanting to toggle between the ltr and rtl css sheets?

Opell: I want the theme understand that it must show the Persian ones right to left and English ones LTR

Poellot: I already created an rtl.css but that seems not having any effect on the directions

Drought: Anyone know of a good SublimeText plugin that enforces wordpress coding standards?

Wethern: Neeku, ok so what is adding the ltr_style.css? are you, your theme, or a plugin? or you don’t know?

Ulmer: But given that I have rtl.css, it must make some changes somewhere, and it’s not

Monda: Wethern: the theme has a style.css which is LTR. I’ve made a mirrored version and saved it as rtl.css

Terp: On the pages that work, they p tags are p dir=”rtl”. On the /blog page, that dir= isn’t there.

Wethern: So you want style.css to show only with english, and rtl.css to be included on Persian?

Wethern: I don’t see rtl.css even being enqueued

Mikulecky: Sterndata: that’s how I’ve made sites RTL before; but not with this theme if it’s ever theme specific

Brant: And there is no rtl.css

Wethern: You just need to detect the language, and enqueue the style you want.

Zerzan: Sterndata: or let’s say, since this is a bilingual blog, the rtl vs. ltr should be customized. but if rtl.css overrides style.css, at least I can see that everything is mirrored

Bergreen: And then go and add my conditions to make it understand both

Wethern: Unless you’re flagging stuff with cl***es, then detect language and add cl***es. but either way, rtl.css isn’t enqueued 😀 — and you’d still use wp_enqueue_scripts hook with wp_enqueue_style functions

Ordones: But I haven’t got to that point yet

Gruenhagen: So, as Wethern says, enqueue the right style sheet for the language

Wethern: It’s much easier to enqueue the proper stylesheet than to alter all your html with cl***es

Wethern: You’d be better off with ONE stylesheet and using a body cl*** to flag the language

Dejarnette: But how do I do that?

Wethern: Just depends on how you have your code ,really. either way will work.

Roaden: Neeku: listen to Wethern!

Wethern: Well option #1 you blatantly denied it could help you doc links above

Rias: Neeku:***

Rybarczyk: Wethern:

Vanschaick: Let me understand it so far

Wethern: Nahh i’ll p***. you aren’t my girlfriend so nope.

Wethern: Dont bring that drama and tears this way sweetie :

Wethern: Neeku, no don’;t understrand anything yet

Mattes: Can’t decide how I want to deal with front end user profiles

Wethern: Just answer the questions:

Wethern: 1. How is your current style.css being added to your theme? Is it in a theme file like header.php with the whole link code there? or is it in your theme with wp_enqueue_scripts hook?

Wethern: Or is it in wp_head hook?

Wethern: You may have an old theme, a custom one with old code/methods. i can keep making what-if scenarios all day lol

Kalley: Wethern: I don’t know that. how can I check it?

Wethern: LindsayM_, deal with them how? design?