Lets say you sell tires..

Shreve: Vendig: truly consider WHY you want to do that and WHY you feel it must be a taxonomy and not just another post type

Leadley: I know I do it regularly, adding a wysiwyg editor, some ACF fields, but the interface stays the same, theres no post status, no author etc

Closs: Hussey, thank you for pointing me to wp_query

Coral: Vendig: this was actually a topic of conversation in the WP Core room today

Closs: I switched all my queries to that

Capulong: Vendig: and the consensus is that one should not be trying to use taxonomies like posts and people should always consider why they’re trying to do that

Manvelyan: I did it for a taxonomy called “location”, where staff a CPT were ***igned to an office. Offices have an address, a map link, and an image.

Cattano: Hussey: That ****s for me then :

Clineman: Vendig: its just one of those things you have to think deeply about and if what you’re putting there is still some form of categorization or not

Turnell: Because there are limitations

Vanhise: And you can code yourself into a corner

Aksoy: I wondering how I got away with never having to use posts or taxonomies in wordpress :-/

Manvelyan: Hussey takes the bait

Baratta: For a plugin admin page made with add_options_page, where do i put my code to process the form submission?

Onstead: Manvelyan: oh no, it’s perfectly rational, right?

Terrey: Hussey: Was there any positivity towards a change in UI tho?

Onstead: Garuti: you might way to actually pay attention this time.

Quartucci: Hussey: The current UI is really built for cats and tags, very bloggy thinking. WP is much more now.

Lhuillier: Vendig: not quite sure what you’re saying here.

Fellars: Like when you save a term, you get thrown back to the cats page. On a post you would stay on the term.

Ristig: Manvelyan: seriously just use usermeta and options :-/

Blanquart: Vendig: i still have no idea what you’re really saying here

Navar: Yet why cant a category page be as rich in content as a regular page? That content you want to tweak regularly, so getting thrown back at each save is annoying.

Montrose: Manvelyan: I’ve been using.

Rentfrow: Vendig: because categories aren’t posts. they should never be used as posts. otherwise you should literally just make a new CPT

Manvelyan: I’ve been using, too. :-

Fridley: Vendig: there is ZERO reason to not make a CPT when you need a rich content editing experience as with posts

Manvelyan: Oops… did I say that in public?

Hust: Vendig: taxonomies are supposed to be meant 100% for categorization of data only. treating taxonomies like posts themselves is silly and a really bad idea as a whole

Seiler: Lenswipee: good for you

Ferri: Hussey: http://i.imgur.com/27UWqqf.gif

Reeds: Thats what I meant by on save you get thrown back.

Pardi: If you guys are talking about my situtation it is for categorization. I have a post type “Tutorial” and theres two types of tutorials now Emblem tutorials and Camo Tutorials. The only thing different about camo tutorials is that it has a couple extra image fields.

Peixoto: Vendig: i understand the redirection you are talking about the rest of the question makes no sense

Urmos: CODPlayerCards: no we arent

Manvelyan: We’re in one of those “I want something so core should be changed” situations.

Delmendo: Manvelyan: its not even that. the actual convo doesnt even make sense. and its interesting because the core dev chat was specifically on this topic

Manvelyan: On the use of cats or the UI issue?

Valentin: Lets say you sell tires. And you have a CPT of ‘tire’. You have 100 different tires you sell. They are of 10 different brands, and 10 different types – like offroad, racing etc. Those brands and types should be taxonomies right?