Latrina: you can override.

Grober: Tors.switchtodo***ent.getElementByIdnewId + ‘-tmce’;

Floerchinger: Without the LIKE it returns Benzing. Which makes sense since it’s stored as a serialzide thingy in meta_value.

Goodwater: It’s a relationship field.

Takayama: Hm.

Sachez: Should it be “%theid%”?

Sachez: I’m not sure how a serialzed field gets searched.

Pawlitschek: Sure, but that’s just a test 1735 is the id of the designer I’m currently looking at

Forsha: But that the other meta_keys are “austeller” instead of “designer” worries me rn.

Sachez: This suggests that serializing is a bad idea:

Sachez: Also this

Sachez: But I may not know what I’m talking about :-

Ovalle: Yeah, but that’s how ACF does it. 😀

Sachez: How is the field defined what type of field in ACF?

Pacilio: I certainly won’t ***** with its internals. In the end I might just brute force it by getting all events and filter those out where the designer was not added to.

Dorin: Hm? Already said that it’s a relationship field. 😀

Sachez: OK. let me look for a sec.

Crum: However it seems like the problem lies not in the query, but rather someone translated TOO much.

Sachez: Noxoc: yeah, your code looks just like the example at

Lalla: I’m trying to get a site working with ssl. wp-admin works fine behind ssl, the site/home url are both set to https:// and I can load individual resources, such as images, using https with the image url. The problem is that for some reason all pages are being rewritten to http instead of https. The site is on an nginx server too.

Borror: Okay, apparently the client renamed the field-name. -.-”

Sachez: More coffee is required

Belman: What’s the best approach for multiple thumbnails? or multiple images in posts that arent the_content ?

Sachez: Zagaza: I used a plugin on one site to support multiple “featured images”.

Sachez: Zagaza:

Sachez: Is that what you’re looking for?

Derring: I am doing a website for an ad agency. and on their “work” section. there will be cards right

Fars: Like, item cards of their work

Morring: And when you hover those work items, there will be multiple images flashing by

Shires: So I want them to be able to set those images

Abramoff: Guys I have a question about SEO, I am using Yoast SEO.

Sachez: Zagaza: hover and multiple images flashing by? I don’t understand

Deralph: Latrina: Don’t ask to ask, just ask :

Camargo: How important “Article Heading” is in SEO? I mean if I had the focus word on each tab the entire navigation bar will become huge

Bagsby: I was composing the question 😛

Ailey: Sachez: imagine those 1-2-3 being different images when you hover

Daponte: And imagine that being the “card”, the work item if you will

Lagarde: And this is what I mean

Sachez: Your page title should have the really important words. page titles are a priority in SEO. However, this is not a WordPress question, it’s an SEO question.

Sachez: And the page title does not have to be the same as the text in the menu.

Turnes: If I add “Neuropatia del Pudendo” on each tab the navigation bar will become insanely long and ugly

Sachez: Latrina: you can override that under Appearances – Menu