KLVTZ: well. its kind of.

Mccuiston: Bu***and: yep, Mcguirk found a nice link, although someone here not sure who gave me the one i was actually looking for: https://developer.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/reference/since/4.3.0/

Zwahlen: Vdevatman: both links posted by Mcguirk via me were links you need.

Savaria: What about me? i need links too.

Quettant: Bu***and: Ok, thanks then. It is always a good thing to help drunk people.

Aluarez: Vdevatman: wish you told me you were drunk to start. I would have ignored you

Cutchin: I wouldn’t use wordpress without being drunk xD

Savaria: Bu***and: i’m always drunk. on life!

Mcclelland: Vdevatman: ill remember that next time i see you in here

Jufer: Bu***and: np, you wont

Plomma: Arg. stomach ache today

Savaria: Kombucha + kick boxing

Baney: Opsec i think it’s an issue with the nginx config file for the site.

Ulibarri: Iasnt kombucha technically illegal to sell in the US?

Byrnside: Or is that something else ?

Savaria: If it is, there’s a lot of people in trouble ;

Hofmann: Some type of fermented “tea” . just cant remember what it was called

Clogston: Haha then I’m thinking of soemthing else

Savaria: There’s like 400 types of kombucha in whole foods here

Loughnan: Haha ok then. def not that

Savaria: I actually have some brewing in my basement

Savaria: Takes about a week to ferment properly

Savaria: You can buy the scobies on amazon

Galicia: Bu***and: You’re thinking of Kinder Eggs.

Lundell: Ow1n: or lawn darts.

Bottiglieri: Those are illegal too

Savaria: I used to have a set of lawn darts

Elgen: I still have mine. They’re fun. I love cook out games!

Freytag: Bocce is def. my fav!

Savaria: Http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/crab-cake-croquettes.html

Savaria: I like fish and seafood. however poisoned it is these days. :

Savaria: Crabs and shrimps are like the ****roaches of the sea. delicious ****roaches

Leab: Not much of a fan of either.

Dormaier: Although pan fried tilapia tacos are my JAMMMM yo

Jaimes: I made them once for a party of 30 people and they raved about them . not to brag or anything

Browers: Well. you dont have to rave over it. you can ****tail party over it

Savaria: Can i bring my baby binky still?

Savaria: And my glow in the dark crown of thorns

Thoms: Maybe i’ll just give you the recipe and you can party on your own :

Ganske: Hello, I need help with the following problem. It involves using category, sub-category, and a custom-post ***ociated with this: ion. │ htdocs: Adapter 1: nat

Lucek: Hello, I need help with the following problem. It involves using category, sub-category, and a custom-post ***ociated with this: https://gist.github.com/KLVTZ/6ffce5c22deb80d6d3dd

Sebek: My bad, ignore the first comment.

Yurchak: It seems this is doable, but we have not found an exact example online that matches what we want above. But im pretty confident one of you have solved this issue.

Malbaurn: So today i moved a domain from one hoster to another. since about an hour the domain linked to the new website and everything was fine. for some reason the url now links back to the old server. how come? is it because my route is using another nameserver which has not been updated yet?

Malbaurn: If so, why has my route changed all of a suddne

Huschle: KLVTZ: making http://example.com/category/ is easy.

Colucci: Bu***and: right but sub-category and custom post type after? ;

Diachenko: KLVTZ: well. its kind of hard to follow what you want