Kenshino__: So yeah, I.

Clara: I’ll give that a try. I appreciate it.

Deaville: You can give your rows and ID and then add #idname as a menu item link

Dereus: And it will scroll down to the top of that row

Hanberg: Oh that makes sense. That will make my life a lot easier.

Youngstrom: Their are themes out there that do the one page design how you explained above, using multiple pages and stitching them together as one, but its much easier doing it in visual composer.

Benker: Does anyone know if there is an updated solution to this for WP 4.3? –

Sandling: It can also be handy having the sections on separate pages when you have a lot of content

Duckey: I just added it to the end of functions.php in wp-includes but the media button on my editor still remains

Sinor: Yeah that’s where I got the idea to stitch them together. I’m creating the theme for a friend not so familiar with code so I’m trying to make it as easy to edit as possible.

Justice: Member:identifier:guldun: how do I override my page.php?

Latko: Horacsio, create a child theme with page.php in it

Lilleberg: I’ve used the hook to***ent/third-party-custom-theme-compatibility/

Shurak: It keeps calling the page.php in some parts like to form-login.php

Pallino: I’ve formated that page as I want, and it gets the sidebar that I don’t want from the page.php.

Eschen: Hi all, are there any semi-ok free wordpress hosts around? ok? Just for a test/practice site for a friend

Kinningham: Ycon_: just use 000freewebhost

Lamon: Thats what I use now and then

Jedrey: Not the best for production, but it will definitely let you test what you need to :

Kuen: Ok sweet. I just signed up for wpnode. Any reason NOT to use them?

Weyler: I’ll use 000webhost for others tho

Lepper: If it gets the job done why not 😛

Bowlin: I have never used wpnode before so im not sure

Seabrooke: Also, if you do allot of stuff with testing code or just web dev in general linode isn’t a bad solution imo, and they are pretty cheap, I got a box for like 20 bucks am onth

Mccort: Then you wont have to rely on other 3rd party freeby hosts to keep your data safe ;

Parenti: I need a plug in for like a database cataglog for figureenes and video games and reviews and descriptions

Nolie: Sorry ffpoke1, we only have wp_cataglog_for_figureenes_and_books

Lynam: Does anyone have experience with mail chimp and wordpress without using plugins?

Trego: MailChimp has an API you can connect to, but you’d just be reinventing the wheel

Holloran: You’d have to put the API bridge code somewhere

Dunsmore: And themes = bad place to put functional logic that should be independent of design

Whitehead: So i should put it in a widget?

Derry: It should be a plugin in the first place

Trane: Is there any way to m*** change prices on woocommerce that anyone knows about? Every item I’ve uploaded is displaying as a sale item, I don’t want that!

Guittar: Lol did you put in sales price instead of regular price

Fauci: If empty$small_image : ?Hello?endif;

Bassin: It checks if small image is empty

Zeiner: Where do put if small image ISNT empty

Gane: So weird this php syntax

Landenberger: If condition = true : do something else: do other thing endif;

Woodford: Yeah trying to google it

Esters: I get answers from 6 years ago

Valdivieso: Kenshino__: Well no, the CSV the customer sent had an RRP and then their ‘sale price’

Jump: Kenshino__: So yeah, I misinterpreted that and now every item is in the sale.