Julander: I dont know if.

Manvelyan: Linusthebear: look at the site URL constant here. Set it to site.com, login, and then fix the value under SETTINGS – GENERAL

Nagele: I’m saying give me an example so I can better understand

Nagele: I’ve used it with Buddypress, woocommerce, bbpress, etc. without issue

Mantelli: Will editing the config file effect the database?

String: My impression was no.

Skreen: Nagele: you’ve CONFIGURED sites. you’ve installed and flipped switches and thats it. Kudos to you

Manvelyan: No. it will let you get back into the admin and undo what you did to break things.

Nagele: I’ve also coded themes from psd

Ungerman: OK let me try it out.

Nagele: Why are you being so condescending?

Nagele: I’ve configured sites and I’ve built themes from scratch. It doesn’t take a genius to look at the wp codex

Manvelyan: Nagele: even if you never build a theme from it, study underscores. it’s the base for all themes built by automattic and is a live demonstration of the “wordpress way” of doing things. It answers the question “what’s the best practice”

Manvelyan: Then the fun exercise comes from “how did they take underscores and build twentysixteen” or any of the other themes.

Hilzer: Nagele: just because something “works” doesnt mean its coded well or is “right”

Norquist: You guys are the best. Thanks for supporting the WP community.

Debore: If you ever need python help :-

Rega: Dealing with a site using VC right now and want to murder someone

Preskar: Hey guys. I’m creating a dashboard so that my users can see their Published or Pending posts from the front end. So far my code is working well. The only thing I’m confused about is how would I display the text “Approved” in green font color instead of “publish” and “Not Approved Yet” in red text instead of “pending” my code is http://pastebin.com/c9VnPT2M

Kopiak: I know it prob has to do with adding an if statement but not really good with php so im not sure how to add it in there.

Arquitt: CODPlayerCards: With an if-else statement on the echo? Question mark added because it seems too simple to be your answer.

Whedbee: And revolution slider

Tomlinson: Oh wow Im getting lazy, I didnt read your 2nd line

Bergdorf: CODPlayerCards: http://pastebin.com/suKLMgsW

Manvelyan: Then add CSS for .green { color: #something; }

Julander: Anyone know if i can specify a custom category base in wordpress and also have a page at that location ?

Symkowick: Great worked. Yeah sorry I **** at php.

Julander: Such as foobar.com/category

Limmel: I made a site that gets 2m hits a month and i don’t even know php fml

Scharf: CODPlayerCards: Time for a little PHP course. The basics get you a long way.

Manvelyan: Different type of ****. :-

Julander: Are you also drunk on cristal right now and driving a bentley while discussing on your gold plated blackberry

Manvelyan: Julander: of couse not. He’s dictating his discussion to a super model

Julander: Yeah i guess true players never get their hands dirty

Manvelyan: That’s what henchmen and minions are for.

Julander: Anyone know how i can have a page at the same location as my category base in wordpress ?

Manvelyan: I think henchmen outrank minions

Julander: Well henchmen are paid, i think minions are just some pathetic leeches

Julander: They’ll do your bidding but they aren’t very competent

Julander: Henchmen are probably less trustworthy though

Manvelyan: Julander: I think it *should* be doable with lots of rewrite rules but it just strikes me as a bad idea. Can you find a different name for that page?

Manvelyan: Why go looking for trouble?

Panton: Julander: I dont know if that’s possible but you could let the page use the URL so the category is url-less or on a URL you dont want to publicize, set the page to a custom page template, then code the page template to do what you want for example the same as the category base would do, and then add some rewrite rules so the pagination etc works.