Jstransky wont save them,.

Miyose: Makes sense to me now

Wethern: I’m prob gonna take this codeschool course on regex see if it sharpens my skills

Wethern: I got a free month subscription and gonna jump on a few courses to sharpen my git now that i’m doing crazy things w it now w a bunch of people

Wethern: Anywho. happy coding! :

Abdelal: I wish I had time for some cl***es these days

Wethern: Meh it’s like 5min videos

Wethern: Maybe 10 and then some exercises

Wethern: Like a course will have 7 chapters— 5-10min video per chapter. been knocking out 1 every now and then

Wethern: I blew thru git but it got to the point where i learned a LOT

Lovern: Its really the brain bandwidth I cant spare lol

Natoli: Not necessarily the time

Wethern: Plus it helps i’m being paid to be forced to do these :

Wethern: So the time is allotted and reimbursed

Wethern: But yeah i would GUESS template_include is how a lot of plugins deal with their stuff.

Wessendorf: Yea. especially things like buddypress, etc

Wethern: When i discovered this i was kinda ****ed off actually

Wethern: Like wtf? where was this?

Wethern: The code you see took me a long time to figure out how to make it work and now it’s smooth sailing. felt so noob.

Wethern: Makes me wonder what else is there?

Chiasson: Haah yea wordpress can do that to a person

Wethern: Drupal makes me want to bash my head. can’t wait til i cross the threshold.

Wethern: LindsayM_, http://cdn.sixrevisions.com/0372-02_cms_learning_curve.jpg

Wethern: Take a look at that haha

Smitz: Does drupal still have it’s own database object?

Wethern: I’m sure you could swap out the variables

Smitz: Perhaps I’m thinking of something else.plone maybe

Wethern: Dcr, no idea. question for #drupal lol

Wethern: I’m crash coursing old druapl 6 and having to prep for d8 while learning what d7 had to offer

Layfield: Wethern http://pastebin.com/udPi6ErR

Wethern: Fris, you and your link compilations

Wethern: You had one for something else you sent me once. i forget what it was for

Layfield: If you can get your hands on the getting good with git ebook its also good

Samit: What is the syntax in to enqueue multiple css files in a child theme? wp_enqueue_style ‘parent-style’, get_template_directory_uri . ‘/style.css’ ; how do I add main.css and ie.css to get_template_directory

Wethern: Yeah i took the free “try git” course and then jumped on “git real” and am currently on “get real 2” there’s one or 2 more — and i tell ya, i’m so glad i did this. bc it has refreshed all the basics and sharpened my skilsl for sure. plus learned a WHOLE LOT MORE

Wethern: Since i have it for the month i was thinking of dabbling in the regex and ruby jsut to see

Wethern: Prob not ruby tho bc i have no use for that yet

Wethern: But either way, the course was pretty fantastic. easy to follow videos with awesome console tests in browser.

Wethern: Rontill, you need to put that wp_enqueue_style function within the wp_enqueue_scripts filter

Wethern: Rontill, but to answer your question: you don’t

Wethern: Get_template_directory and get_template_directory_uri return a path/uri, and you can’t “add to it”

Wethern: If you want to add multiple files, just copy that function two more times, change style.css to main.css and ie.css

Hamor: So I’ve created and used a bunch of Taxonomies. Now I need to change the name I registered them as. What’s that going to do to existing data?

Wethern: Rontill, each file enqueued needs a unique identifier/key

Layfield: Jstransky wont save them, you will need to recreate the data