Jstransky: Wait. I think.

Friehauf: Scavotto: Yes. Exactly the problem we’ve had; typoes, and inability to sort it as we’d like or with enough granularity.

Denne: Rounds: honestly, manual entry is probably your best bet. Just hire a data entry person to do it all for you.

Steckelberg: Scavotto: No, I’m not making terms from the ACF entries; I have terms already defined a closed set, and am trying to build a one-off script to ***ign tax terms according to what the old ACF term was

Wietbrock: Leave both fields in tact for the time being. Have someone go back through all old posts and check off or create a new term for your custom tax and delete the old

Mavai: Scavotto: Yeah, we might have to do that. I was hoping to automate it a little more

Bramon: Rounds: that is basically like making terms based off of the text input value

Chalifoux: Haha, I actually have the CLI script I used to migrate this ACF stuff into meta from tax terms

Spackman: It would be different for everyone though

Tozzi: Jphase_: Sounds like I”m not the first one facing this problem :

Ehmer: Rounds: because of the potential for typos, and the fact that text inputs are so prone to human error, you really truly are best off doing the data entry in my opinion

Konkle: If you know any teenager looking for some quick cash, just have them do it.

Vanpatten: Not everything is a programming problem ;

Truan: When all you have is a hammer.

Yuill: Scavotto: if I can implement my map of ~30 text field terms to ~30 taxonomy terms, we’ll be able to cleanup the few that already have types which will be ignored in the mapping process

Mebane: Rounds: alrighty then.

Lashmet: Scavotto: You’re probably right

Kampfer: I didn’t realize ACF made such a mess of things on the DB side.

Mccaskin: Rounds: well it’s all in post terms that you’ll find that mess – here’s a script I wrote a year ago to migrate “star ratings” from ACF terms to post meta http://wpbin.io/1ght3b

Nerney: Was hoping for a “for each post where ACF field = blah, ***ign term blech”

Paugh: It just kinda shows you the type of mess it leaves – your situation will be different

Czelusniak: Because based on how they’re labeled in the admin, you have a whole other set of messes etc.

Gushee: Yea their naming makes things SOOO much harder to track down apparently

Stofko: Rounds: if you ever look for an alternative to ACF that has a decent UI for quickly making custom meta boxes or fields, I wholly back the Pods Framework as a solid choice

Larriva: Scavotto: recommendation acknowledged. I’ll keep that in mind

White: Here’s a question – why does wordpress put inline styles width & height on my video when using a video tag?

Weeler: Sexywoodenspoon: without any width set the video wouldn’t show. so you can either manually set one using the width shortcode arg OR let it set it itself by using the width of the actual file upload

Goodgine: Rounds there’s a display option on ACF screens to show ID

Friscia: Helps with tracking what points to what

Bridgforth: Scavotto: I did set the height – it’s being overridden by something inline

Theisen: Sexywoodenspoon: how did you set the height?

Gyles: Scavotto: using the shortcode. Both height and width

Lichliter: Scavotto: matching my FLV

Vent: Between the acf api methods and field options, you should be able to get what ever you want.

Guernsey: Jstransky: For this one, it reads Field name: department, Field type: Post Object

Packineau: Jstransky: I’m not quite sure what to do with that info

Medlar: I wouldn’t exactly call what it does to the db a “mess”

Breiland: Scavotto: Actually tried a whole bunch of sizes and it still gets overridden somewhere but not via stylesheets – inline, which is very odd

Piontkowski: Jstransky: Wait. I think I’ve got a foot in on this one.