Jeng: sorry; didn’t know.

Jeng: Moosejaw: use APPEARANCE – MENUS to edit the menu

Jeng: What am I looking at, moosejaw?

Setter: Jeng i did, thats whats crazy, i edited and nothing


Schulte: Jeng, for example on that menu i removed blog and added a systems category but Halcom has changed.

Lassen: Http://

Jeng: Sorry, I get nxdomain on

Jeng: Moosejaw: does the site have more than one menu defined? If so, are you updating the right one?

Culbreath: There appears to be only one header menu

Jeng: Is the one you’re editing set as the primary menu?

Knutt: There appears to only be one menu, and no other menus defined

Billingslea: Moosejaw: Please attempt to disable all plugins, and use one of the default Twenty* themes. If the problem goes away, enable them one by one to identify the source of your troubles.

Kulkarni: No fix with the plugin disable.

Jeng: When you change the theme, you’ll have to set the menu as “primary” or whatever for the new theme

Jeng: But until you resolve your DNS issue, no one can get to the site so it doesn’t really matter :-

Heineman: The site is loading on my end

Jeng: Http://

Jeng: Do you have an IP address in your HOSTS file?

Cedar: Jeng im limited on what i know since im helping a friend fix this, and she inherited it.

Zedaker: Hi, the dashboard says I can update translations, but it doesn’t tell me which ones, and where to get them. it insists on using ftp to upload, which I cannot use.

Jeng: Moosejaw: no one else can see the site; your DNS is borked.

Mcclimens: Wow.and that is all server side right?

Posto: So. where/how can I manually download the new translations?

Jeng: It’s at Network Solutions

Jeng: Back in a little while

Truchan: Moving a site to another server, ie db/backup/restore, move code to docroot, when the site comes back up the menu settings are gone, why would that happen

Aruizu: Weird, the sites working on my end as far as loading.

Pomponi: I’m trying to sc**** some info from the database; pages of type “Person” have a custom field “Department”; I need to extract the value of “department” for each “person”. “Person” are in _posts; where will the content of custom fields be?

Glassco: Rounds: why not use the custom field api?

Buergel: Is there a specific reason you’re doing a manual db query?

Gayles: Rounds:

Jeng: VectorX: did you check appearance – menus to make sure the menu is ***igned to a location?

Dibona: Thanks, Jeng; I have located it in postmeta; now to figure out how to connect the dots.

Jeng: As Bero asked, Rounds, why are you doing direct DB access? There are functions for this.

Besse: Jeng yeah all the ***ignments are lost

Omar: I have no idea why this isnt working

Jeng: Aro: did you do that for this? wtf are you asking about?

Starnes: I am trying to figure out why wp keeps adding p tags around ym shortcodes

Noorda: Aro:

Jeng: Oh, yeah. shortcodes inside shortcodes, IIRC

Gani: That turns off all my p tags

Carrano: Just not around my short tags

Gabeline: You’re going to have to write a filter to take out those tags afaik

Ahearn: Shortcodes are a blessing and a curse

Ingersol: You’d have to filter the post content after wpautop does its filter

Jeng: Rounds: have you stopped responding to questions? If so, I’m going to get some lunch.

Gareau: Jeng: sorry; didn’t know any questions were pending. I’m reading up on the WP custom fields