Jeng: I see, if it works.

Dermody: Momo_: there are many ways to do that

Jeng: Don’t mess with index.php

Dermody: I’m going to get a drink, see ya ltr

Moehrle: Jeng: Thats the intuition I had

Jeng: OR. just make a regular page, appoint it as the home page, and drop in a shortcode that pulls in the stuff you want.

Nigon: If you are going to edit your theme then make a child theme.

Fanelli: Jeng how about applying a template?

Jeng: That’s what front-page.php is

Dubas: In that template I will create the divs for the small posts ,and the large post, and then in the divs I’ll use the loop

Jeng: Momo_: use the loop first. Add a counter. Use div style 0 for the first post and div style 1 for the subsequent ones.

Jeng: Unless the single post is not the most recent one

Jeng: In that case, I’d probably do the page as a a regular page and put my codes in a shortcode or two

Jeng: Dunnot, exactly, I’d have to really think about it.

Schrandt: The main post with a large thumbnail and excerpt will be the most recent from 1 category. the 4 smaller posts are from the other categories

Jeng: Then two queries is the way to go.

Jeng: I like shortocdes because it makes it easier to drop other text onto the page — you don’t have to put “static” content into the template file itself. recent_posts num=”1″ cat=”catslug1″

Jeng: A shortcode like that

Baugus: Ah I see, Yes that makes sense

Aseltine: I think I will go with just using front-page.php

Sibert: As at the moment, there isn’t much text that needs editing

Belak: Its just pictures and posts

Reep: But arranged in rows. with a featured story at the top, and then a News row, Events row etc.

Jeng: Momo_: whatever. the code is pretty much the same.

Jeng: Just multiple calls to wp_get_recent_posts

Lajeunesse: Jeng Do I have to add a comment to front-page.php ? or do I just start with get_header;

Jeng: Copy page.php to front-page.php and edit from there.

Jeng: And because you’re going to go back to this later, be sure to comment it well.

Lokan: Fris: don’t you use a mac?

Lokan: Fris: do you know if there’s a way to get a tar.gz of the httpd 2.4 macos package?

Lokan: I’d like to see where it places everything and look at some of the files

Vogeler: You on a mac? it comes with apache

Vogeler: The binaries or the config? i can tar up my config files if you want to see the structure

Jeng: Opsec: give me a sec to fire up the machine

Lokan: I want the whole default package basically.

Lokan: The unedited, default. like an rpm or deb or dmg.

Lokan: But preferably the tar.gz

Vogeler: My apache confis are unedited as i use mamp pro

Jeng: I’ve got it installed already, so I need to figure out how I did that!

Vogeler: Jeng it comes default packaged with osx

Vogeler: I pm’d you my configs untouched opsec

Vogeler: The default package on has compile/build optopns for osx

Vogeler: Just diff config options

Vogeler: 10.10 yosmite comes with 2.4.16

Vogeler: Soo on the s’ now on the plugin dir

Vogeler: Downloading every plugin on

Vogeler: Opsec can i remove the zip now

Oz: Fris why are you downloading plugins ?

Pyer: Can I export and import a single wordpress page?

Vogeler: Want to grep a bunch of the plugins for some code

Jeng: CheckDavid: not really. Copy/paste?

Vogeler: VectorX WordPress-Plugin-Directory-Slurper">

Ferkel: Jeng: I see, if it works it’s all good to me