Jeng: I know, Im just.

Jeng: Reinstalling the theme files, that is.

Kor: I think its in there somewhere. But I dont know what the php function set does

Mcmillin: In here === // add $head if isset$head { $this’template’-set’head’, implode”n”, $head; }

Jeng: Rapid: have you posted a question here?

Jeng: That would be a good place!

Jeng: You know, we skipped an IMPORTANT first step.

Jeng: Rapid: please change the theme to twentyfifteen and see if the problem goes away.

Fara: Well, I have never done things like that before.

Fara: If I cahnge it to twentyfifteen

Fara: Will I be able to reverse back to this theme without any problems?


Jeng: Yes, you’ll be able to set it back. WE just need it on twentyfifteen for about 30 seconds

Jeng: Or any of the twenty* themes, for that matter

Fara: But everything will be loaded like it is right now when I change back

Capalongan: Jeng D’oh you’re right.

Jeng: And turn off wp rocket

Jeng: Cool. the “59” is gone, sow we know it’s the theme. You can put the theme back now

Jeng: Turn off the damn wp rocket first and leave the theme at tewentyfifteen

Fara: WP Rocket can not be deactivated because of .htaccess.

Fara: This file is not writable and we can not remove these directives. Maybe we do not have writing permissions for .htaccess.

Fara: Please give us permissions or resolve the problem yourself. Then retry deactivation.

Fara: You can still force the deactivation by clicking here.

Jeng: Frak the frakking frak

Lokan: Not a fan of battlestar gallactica because of that.

Jeng: Rapid: OK, put the theme back

Jeng: Until you can disable WP Rocket, there’s no point in continuing to debug this, because the appropriate methodology the FIRST method won’t work.

Deherrera: Rapid: Please attempt to disable all plugins, and use one of the default Twenty* themes. If the problem goes away, enable them one by one to identify the source of your troubles.

Fara: Well I can disable it by just clicking the force

Fara: Jeng did the number disappear when I changed to the twenty theme?

Fara: I just didnt cehck it ;x

Jeng: The page did not load properly

Jeng: The theme did not get properly served.

Fara: If the number exist there ;o

Jeng: I looked at the page source — much of the page did not get served

Procaccino: I have a question of my own: I have been reading about wp_get_recent_posts and WP Query

Mclester: Im looking to have a row, with a featured image from my post, the blog title, and a line or two from the post with a read more link

Fara: Jeng / momo_ – could this be the problem?

Fara: Check the first 2 lines

Fara: Its the _post.php file

Jeng: What’s that doing there?

Fara: It means, if I edit a site

Fara: It will add it to the post?

Fara: Like if I edit and update any post i have made it will add the number ?

Fara: Lets cehck it out with something that doesnt have the number

Jeng: I have no idea what you mean.

Jeng: No, I think that line is setting a cl***. it’s obscured

Jeng: That’s probably NOT the culprit

Jeng: It’s just a bunch of really bad code

Fealy: Wow that $s21 var makes my eyes bleed

Jeng: You’re looking for something related to category

Jeng: Momo_: yeah, what you want is pretty easy

Kirstein: Jeng: I know, Im just having trouble finding the right codex article. Bit burnt out today