It’s opening a new browser.

Douillet: LindsayM_: Sadly none in my Apache logs

Douillet: LindsayM_: Nor any JS errors in the console

Davel: Latrina: and then it isn’t up to us to fix it for you. If you dont want to learn to do it and you don’t want to hire someone, dont expect us to hold your hand for free

Douillet: Attempted to enable root permissions temporarily, no fix

Fonte: Douillet: thats odd.

Douillet: Also, disabled all plugins, no fix

Niven: LindsayM_: I haven’t said that nor you nor anybody else should fix it for me

Golembiewski: I am just asking for help and Benzing else

Douillet: Will note: List view works, the default view does not

Sawlivich: Latrina: you said you don’t want to learn how to fix it.

Canela: Douillet: this only happens on the post edit screen in the modal?

Sachez: Douillet: just a thought. maybe the update borked and not all files are at 4.3.1

Sachez: Try doing the update again?

Douillet: Sachez: This is a possibility

Vargis: LindsayM_: if you dont care to help anyways, than why would you argue anyways?

Douillet: LindsayM_: It happens at any instance of the Library loading oddly

Douillet: Both on my main admin sidebar option, and also on post

Larrimore: Latrina: not arguing. Pointing out facts.

Rohlman: Douillet: thats odd mostly because you’re not getting an error either.

Hakimian: Well your facts are pointless to me

Kafton: Latrina: sure this boss.

Douillet: LindsayM_: I agree, it seems like a JS error too

Vanderroest: Hey guys, pretty simple question. Is there a plugin in which I could have certain links open up in a modal? If it’s not that simple, is there a good jQuery plugin? The links are embedded in the template but call WordPress pages. So I could use a shortcode with “do_shortcode” or adding a cl***/attr to the link, whatever

Krasnici: Thanks poiz, anna and sterndata

Scardina: And no I am not the boss here LindsayM_

Loeb: Zren_: you want a link to a page to open an entire page in a modal?

Tuner: Latrina: whatever you say

Monteith: LindsayM_ yes, I know, not my call

Blazon: Zren_: if you’re the hired web dev, it is your call.

Hagy: Unless you want to be a pixel pusher.

Terre: LindsayM_ unfortunately I tried, not my call here

Gastelun: It’s easy. you simply say to the client. No. That is not a good idea, here is why. THIS is a better alternative. I will not do your way because of these reasons:

Neikirk: I dont understand why this is so hard for people to do.

Rutiaga: If you are good at what you do, and provide a better, viable alternative, there is no reason for a client to not go along with it

Willemsen: Is it possible to just help? I do that in certain scenarios, it doesn’t always work.

Sachez: Zren_: a real modal with overlay or just a pop-up, reduced menu window?

Ziebol: Sachez – modal with overlay prefferably

Sachez: Ick. don’t have one at hand

Sachez: I’ve got the code for the popup

Urtado: Sachez – example anywhere?

Sachez: Hmmm. now I have to remember where I might have used it.

Sachez: Just a sec and I’ll make a link

Gancio: Sachez – no worries, can you share the code? I’ll impliment it and see what it looks like, I don’t want you to waste your time

Sachez: Zren_: popup label=’text’ url=’url’ width=’popup width’

Mapston: Sachez – awesome I’ll try it out and see what it looks like

Robel: Does the url parameter accept “/example/” or only “example.html”

Sachez: It’s opening a new browser window, so you need the full path