It’s not even a wordpress.

Bowthorpe: Colonel-panic: this is a link to a page I’ve stuck an image map on from my editor and it works:

Bowthorpe: It also works when I put it into a template

Bowthorpe: Granted, like I said before, I don’t have some funky jquery “image mapper” plugin that changes your image maps based on screen width

Mountjoy: So then how do you propose fulfilling that spec within wordpress‘ capabilities?

Bowthorpe: Well as I said before, I wouldn’t do it with image maps

Bowthorpe: You’re trying to recreate how elements would act if they were separate with imagemaps

Bowthorpe: Which is why they’re considered archaic as Slater and I have mentioned

Bowthorpe: You want an image, and put a button on top of it

Stahmer: I didn’t ask how you wouldn’t do it. That does me no good. I asked how you wpould do it.

Bowthorpe: Then they can respond with CSS like you mentioned, you’d have control, and all that

Slater: Colonel-panic: then the answer is “we wouldn’t, cos it’s a dumb idea”

Bowthorpe: If someone asks me “I want this site to work for IE4” and don’t have a reason

Trigg: I’ve spent a lot of time wrangling with CSS to try and make this work

Bowthorpe: Because that’s old and I’m not in the 90s

Bowthorpe: I’m sorry to hear that you’ve wasted your time on an archaic solution

Bowthorpe: But I’m just saying, it’s not the right one

Bowthorpe: Imagemaps should almost NEVER be used today

Bowthorpe: Reetika786: I already did

Bowthorpe: Reetika786: I already replied to you, please scroll up

Spena: Will it make difference?

Romie: So how do you fulfill a spec that calls for an embedded button on a resizable image in a responsive web page?

Slater: Colonel-panic: but hey, you can get it working within WordPress if you want. WordPress won’t get in your way.

Bowthorpe: Colonel-panic: add an image absolute positioned in a containing div, add a button in that same div and position it

Pollen: So many replies got confused

Slater: Colonel-panic: but it’s pointless telling the internet “my thing is broken. please help” if you can’t define “broken”

Bowthorpe: Colonel-panic: you just add CSS for both the button and the image/container for each screen width

Bowthorpe: Reetika786: sure thing

Nolette: Media queries can only do so much

Bowthorpe: Correct, they can make elements respond to screen width/resolution

Slater: Colonel-panic: that’s true. but they are a tool for the modern web and are great for web design. unlike image maps.

Gilfillan: Bowthorpe: i don’t know how to do anything you’re saying so i’m just going to illogically shoot things down./imagemapftw

Bowthorpe: Colonel-panic: if you stop taking a photoshop file of 17 layers and rendering that one image down and trying to make an image map, and start coding each element individually, you’ll have a much easier time

Bowthorpe: If I understand your spec correctly

Goletz: Media queries won’t make a clickable region resize dynamically along with an image

Slater: That’s right. so what?

Slater: That’s what css is for.

Montellano: Bowthorpe is talking nonsense

Bowthorpe: Correct – not using image maps will though

Nurthen: Media queries ARE css

Slater: Colonel-panic: after the 90’s web developers starting implimenting something called “seperation of concerns”. That’s partly why we stopped using image maps.

Gilfillan: You guys are fueling this noise fest.

Slater: If you want to use imagemaps, that’s fine. we don’t really care.

Gilfillan: You cannot make someone change a thought or action. they must want to

Gilfillan: It’s not even a wordpress problem at all.