It’s called a “popover” in.

Ravi: If you keep the plugin up to date it will stay up to date with any changes google makes as well

Acquaviva: Hopefully. so you won’t have to.

Huebsch: Seems that’s a good reason to go with the plugin

Mandeville: Which seems popular enough

Vanhorne: Please please please always use a plugin =

Manglona: You don’t want to lose ****ytics because you updated or changed what theme you rae using

Mettling: Jiron, thanks for the advice Clorith

Andrino: Woops, yeah that’s the best reason right there

Allon: Yeah since a plugin “out of the box” is available I’ll just use that

Gett: Can I CC multiple email addresses using wp_mail?

Gett: I must be doing something else wrong then

Coontz: Wp_mail is at it’s core a wrapper for PHP’s own mail and Halcom more

Vogeler: Can you pastebin your code Cissell the part where you are adding the category, etc and ***inging it

Aucter: How to enque scripts in the right order? the second enque comes first.

Plowman: But i need it in the order like i enqued it

Cissell: Fris:: which works fine; but taking an attachment id and trying to use any wordpress get_category/get_the_category and countless others aren’t returning anything

Vogeler: You will need to change the plugins_url part TheFirstGoodmaN

Vogeler: You didnt specify __FILE__

Vogeler: Cissell what code you are you using to get the category

Cissell: Well none at the moment; but i’ve tried all the category functions i could find such as get_the_category$attachment-ID

Cissell: I’m ***uming because those functions are for posts and not attachments

Vogeler: You know you can just do register_taxonomy_for_object_type ‘category’, ‘attachment’ ;

Vogeler: You dont need to register a taxonomy

Vogeler: You are registering a sep taxonmy

Cissell: I don’t want the categories from the blog posts to get mixed up

Cissell: Here’s my query which returns the images that are ***igned to categories if that matters

Cissell: That works fine for me too, and gets all the images that are ***igned to any category i create

Filo: TheFirstGoodmaN: with enqueue-ing you can set dependencies

Vogeler: Cissell try getting a single attachment which youknow has cat’s ***igned, and var dump that

Cissell: Just has all the expected info

Vogeler: I dont see the part whre you are saving the categories though, unless you left that out of the paste

Vogeler: Attachment_fields_to_edit

Vogeler: Attachment_fields_to_save etc

Cissell: What do you mean? everything saves fine and updates counts and all that in the back end. i can see the ***igned category in the media list

Cissell: I didnt add any special save hooks

Cissell: Show_admin_column shows me the correct category that i had ***igned to the img

Brande: What do you call that blue notification thing?

Liberato: In the admin area, like when a plugin installed it tells new features and stuff.

Vogeler: Fauxbola got a screenshot?

Lebron: Español alguien? buen dia

Madeau: I believe he’s talking about the little flag thing that shows up like when we launnched the new DFW it poitned at the DFW button wit ha short intro about what was changed

Penninger: Quien habla español?

Przygocki: Hansel, Jiron: It’s a square box with an arrow head.

Lozoya: I know exactly what you are thinking of

Loughnane: I’m just trying ot remember the name of it =

Spoth: It’s called a “popover” in bootstrap