It might be.

Emley: I also noticed that wp-config.php and .htaccess files are edited and are empty right now.

Mir: Chill_Surf: who is your hosting company?

Scruton: I am having the hosting server

Overholtzer: I am trying to manage it

Kuehner: Remaly ask Garuti he uses customizr more than me

Skenandore: Can someone help me out with this? all plugins, and wordpress are updated. I checked before uninstalling

Hitchcock: Chill_Surf: How did you uninstall it ?

Linkkila: There’s files that need ot be manually rmeoved with it, the cached pages will ahve been served for all this time, and your config file might’ve been cleared out some time ago

Haw: Is anyone doing wordpress plugin dependancy management in such a way that the plugin’s js and css can be concat’d/minimised?

Givliani: Do you have a backup of the affected files ?

Liotta: Through the WEB interface of admin

Pais: Like, I know it’s a hairy problem

Kuehner: Bobdobbs grunt/gulp? or automated?

Kuehner: Via wp when plugin is activatd

Kuehner: Or just provide gulp/grunt file for developers

Daine: Fris: I’m spending my friday night just messing around with an experimental custom theme. My starter is Sage by

Hy: Garuti: fris tells me you work with customizer. I’ve come across something a bit strange with get_theme_mods vs get_theme_mod, maybe you could help me to understand what’s happening? I’ve set up a clean 4.3 and made 2 changes to twentyfifteen to illustrate it.

Pflieger: Bobdobbs, what about my case? how can I try to restore my site?

Lesneski: Fris: Sage uses a gulp setup that does a lot of stuff. But it doesn’t touch plugins.

Kuehner: Bobdobbs you would have to include the gulp file for a plugin you are creating

Tamlin: Chill_Surf: sounds like a case for revverting from backups

Agredano: Garuti: After making those mods, if you go to Appearance-Customizer-Colors and make a change to the Test Color, you’ll see in the Preview screen that the values are different.

Losee: Chill_Surf: do you have backups that include wp-config.php and .htaccess? If so, pull from them.

Kuehner: Im sure you can find a plugin with a custom gulp file

Kriebel: Fris: I see. that makes sense.

Honchul: Remaly: Odd ,let me poke it, one sec

Nikodem: I guess I’d have to depend on the plugins that I want to use being provisioned with gulpfiles?

Kuehner: Theme would be the same as a plugin

Barrientes: Geez, this is a hairy problem

Kuehner: Gulp is pretty simple

Kuehner: You would add the deps to the package.json

Dailey: Like, if I take my fave plugins and rewire them to suit my purposes. updating them would be a pain.

Detwiler: I also did with no luck

Mustian: I tried replacing just the .htaccess and wp-config from backups

Madren: Remaly: It’s giving me the right output

Chenot: To tell the truth, I haven’t really mastered gulp yet. I’ve managed to write my own gulpfiles . just enough to get things going custom yeoman generator. but I don’t grok node

Roura: Garuti: The values match?

Schadt: Chill_Surf: I did something like that today. I nuked a wp-config

Shaneyfelt: Garuti: And you used the code in the gist exactly as is?

Quesada: Chill_Surf: find your db connection details. the details that should be in your wp-config. Then test them.

Kuehner: Bobdobbs here is an example of a simple gulp file i did, minifys css/html/and js

Hiley: Chill_Surf: if they work, then rewrite your wp-config

Federle: Are you sure you’re not runnign some funky caching or similar ?

Paustian: It might be enorced/featured by your host, not necesarely you on your own