It is robust and.

Lunsford: Bjornet not sure maybe a .htaccess is causing you some issues?

Mcaffee: Mhmm. Well I did not realy provide any specific error. My status right now is that I have tried a lot of apache rewrites without any success. and a lot of plugins to to what I mentioned above but all that the plugins did was to redirect to a URL that did not serve any page.

Mcclinsey: Bjornet: Well remove your WordPress from the /blog directory, put it to the site root and then update your Site and Home URL in Settings

Becherer: Hi guys, just say in my wordpress side bar, i want to add links with images on the side. how would i do that ?

Hudecek: Like inside the search box put 10 doctors name then after this they only into 10 name not other somthin

Bebout: I tried to use a text widget and and add an image in html and hyperlink it

Morrall: But that did not work

Babcock: It should work, what do you mean when you say it doesn’t work

Ar: Bjornet » that’s also in your settings.

Verburg: So create a page named ‘blogg’ and set that to show your posts in the settings. Then use the custom structure and prepend /blogg/ before the postname. Now you posts will have – I haven’t read up but I’m ***uming that’s what you wanted?

Oros: Bjornet » that’s understandable.

Arneberg: So what you want to do is make sure the ‘with_front’ is set to false when registering your custom post types.

Farfalla: Otherwise they will also be prepended with /blogg

Leclaire: Bjornet:

Alig: Ok cool Ill look into that

Leubner: There’s information regarding this

Kindel: Oh, and one more thing. Don’t forget to flush your rewrite rules by saving your permalinks twice if you will after fiddeling with custom post type registrations.

Sadler: Twice is actually not needed, I just tend to do it anyway since. way back. But yeah, flush them.

Vogeler: I really love this premium woo theme

Vogeler: Http://

Landsaw: That’s a woocommerce theme, not a wootheme :X

Llewlyn: Woo theme != wootheme 😛

Vogeler: I better git this work before i mess it up :p

Ahn: Hey. I have a meta field named unique, how can I find my post where unique is X?

Banderas: Ahn:***_Reference/WP_Query

Vogeler: Ahn wordpress-meta-data-querying-posts-and-users-by-meta-data–wp-34606">–wp-34606 first example has a meta query example for compare

Ahn: I just did this: new WP_Query ‘unique=’ . $unique . ‘&post_type=socialmedia’ ;

Ahn: Oh, that didn’t work tho

Mateiro: Hi, anyone got any ideas on how to get an array of all the users avatars

Mcglocklin: Im generating a top100 list with a plugin. and i want to display the users avatar in the list. The list is generated using ajax, so the only way i know how to do this now is do another ajax request with the array of users which loops through the array and perform get_avatar, but this is a bad solution

Cutcher: I guess i could do a database query, but i’m also using a facebook auth plugin, which stores the avatars in a different table

Vigor: Anyone know of a free theme that looks similar to this site ?

Roland: Zenith is close enough

Mcelfresh: For non commercial use

Kraig: If i rememeber correctly is highly customizable color wise without jumping into the code

Heinlen: Https:// zenith – samuraio ;

Holloway: I did not just say that.

Mitzel: I guess theres no one willing to have a look at my question so ill just do some ugly coding then

Wilbon: Hi, does anyone have a robust and secure nginx config for wordpress sites?

Knepp: Try EasyEngine

Arnerich: It is robust and secure