It is pretty slow, in case.

Julander: Well it makes more sense to me to have it the same

Czubakowski: Julander: its totally doable and not that big of a deal because the /base/ never serves as the archive page as far as I remember

Julander: Say you have a blog at

Julander: And you publish articles about cameras ans sausage

Stallones: But that said. why not just customize the archive for that category/ tax to have what you want on it

Julander: Then it should logically be and

Lapp: Julander: I think this limitation is the same as I discussed last week with Manvelyan about combing the content of a page and the display with pagination of a cpt archive

Julander: As the category pages

Brustkern: Anybody know of either a plugin or a jquery based script architecture to allow me to mix of two separate audio streams? Would like to integrate this into my site if possible.

Julander: Well i already have it working that way as i used a plugin to remove the category base and then i set my post structure to /whatever/category/postname

Samuell: Hi all; I’m looking for the WordPress equivalent of “closed taxonomy” so that I a user can ***ign tags/terms, but not create new ones. Help?

Julander: But unfortunately wordpress is confused or something is not quite universal

Prus: Thomas_s: Would running 2 autoplay embeds suffice?

Engelhard: Julander: i stil dont understand why you need a PAGE named the same as your category

Bichrest: Julander: a WORDPRESS page

Julander: Because the category meta links and the category widget point the category on the bare domain

Julander: Like instead of

Julander: And both formats work, but that’s going to look like spam to google

Orttenburger: Http://

Battles: Julander: wtf is a category meta link and category widget point?

Manvelyan: WorldsEndless: if you make your taxononmy non-hierarchical, users can’t add stuff on the add/edit post page.

Julander: The link to the article’s category

Nardy: Manvelyan: Hmm. on mine they still can

Burpo: Julander: I still donbt see why you need to create a WordPress page called sausages when you have a categroy called that

Julander: Div cl***=”entry-meta”

Julander: Span cl***=”cat-links”

Manvelyan: CODPlayerCards: “welcome to YOU dashboard” ?

Ruscitti: Lol stern I’m going to block this page for logged out users.

Manvelyan: And a blank between “dashboard” and the period.

Galvis: CODPlayerCards: You get 2 mil hits on that? That’s amazing.

Schimke: Ok im going back to work. Today is a wacky AF day in the discussion world

Captain: Yeah burgman my sites been up for 5 years.

Kramb: I’ve made half a dozen gaming resource sites but they never take off.

Slaybaugh: I **** at marketing tho.

Manvelyan: How are you monetizing them?

Zerkle: I’ve been retweeted by treyarch, david voondhaar

Rumps: Charlieintel, call of duty twitter

Roach: My pagerank is a 3 and im number one search result for Call of Duty Emblems

Manvelyan: So having a site that gets 2M hits costs money. How do you recover those costs?

Bedenfield: What do you mean? I have adsense on there when a new game is released adsense alone brings in 2k + a month.

Zumstein: I’m on my brothers dedicated host he has around 20 websites on it.

Manvelyan: Oh, ok, I didn’t see any ads.

Frusciante: We pay only 200 a month.

Manvelyan: Oh, there they areā€¦ I use flasblock

Zubek: It is pretty slow, in case you want something to invest in.