Is this a good channel for.

Hickel: I already use ***rant with dokku box running

Gelbart: And its working very well for a months

Jeng: So it seems you have your answer

Mcelfresh: I don’t have too much time to configure lamp by myself

Ducker: Can you recommend out of the box setup that i can use?

Kamerad: So, if a person were to have content, where there’s multiple versions of the same content such as do***entation that targets separate operating systems, should a person just use WPML, or is there a better solution?

Simensky: Or is WPML too heavily integrated into being about having the content in different languages?

Killin: Is it more efficient to store url’s that your reference multiple times on the same page in a variable?

Vogeler: Takyoji remembver with wpml you would have to translate all the strings in the post being used

Ransier: The content would be pretty much completely rewritten for each OS or in the context of the plugin, each ‘language’

Vonbargen: So if it’s based upon translating sentences individually, then that may make it a little ***bersome

Lokan: Not even the same context.

Ledain: If I wrote a CPT, then how it be structured architectually? Would each variation of say, a ‘do***entation page’ CPT, point to some parent page then? Or have some sort of a “group_id” meta value, or?

Maheras: Takyoji: Types –

Lokan: You’d duplicate any content area, title, whatever and call it whatever you want

Lokan: You’ve not given enough info really or an example, but wpml certainly isn’t the answer

Dusi: My theme’s CSS is effecting a plugin, is there a way to disable the theme css for that particular plugin?

Balistreri: I’ve used Types in a past project. I’m not touching that project anymore, as it just introduces another thing that can go wrong e.g. licensing, when a person can just code the equivalent or practically even use a code generator

Riggleman: There’s really not much to my expectations/needs. I’m just simply providing a do***entation section to a website, of explaining on how to do certain tasks on a computer basics of an OS, scanning a picture, etc, with separate versions for each OS Win, Mac, Linux Mint, Ubuntu, etc, but the same topics

Vogeler: Takyoji have you seen stella?

Vogeler: See the 2nd screenshot

Kapetanos: Haven’t looked into it before

Lokan: Fris:

Lokan: Thought you were talking about that, it’s how i play pitfall! on atari rom

Vogeler: I been playing some dos games lately, like police quest, and jumpman jr

Lokan: My first games were wishbringer and zork in 1985

Vogeler: My list of dos games :p

Vogeler: If you want it let me know i have it archived in 1 zip on my cloud account its 17gb though

Kiani: Hey all. I am trying to get a wordpress install working locally that I got from remote. I got the wordpress files, setup a vhost, setup an entry in my /etc/hosts file, imported the sql export files and used a search and replace tool to change the domain name from to websitehere.local. I can access my replace tool at websitehere.local/replace/ just fine but websitehere.local is redirecting to yahoo search

Bucanan: As though it can’t find it

Hives: Anyone have any idea?

Lokan: Look at your error log files

Lokan: When moving any site, always use the wp-config constants designed for that purpose.

Lokan: Sdwrage:

Pronto: Okay cool thanks. I will try that out

Inch: Is this a good channel for asking for help with getting a domain I’ve purchased under a hosting site to “integrate” with WordPress so I can “upload” the raw HTML/CSS code I’ve written. I use OS X and Linux, but have no experience with MySQL, PHP, or Apache. experience.