Is there any function to.

Boislard: Widoz: it’s on the font’s end, i just tried with Lato and I can normally manipulate the weights through the inspect element

Branning: Hello together, anyone familiar with json & WordPress?

Kutlu: Fris i need populate this stats:

Layfield: BenLue does that have an api? so it outputs json?

Calcara: Fris; sure

Layfield: Look into wp_remote_get

Nolt: Fris:

Layfield: Like shown here wordpress-http-api-a-practical-example-of-wp_remote_get–wp-32109">–wp-32109

Herscher: Fris thanks for helpfull links

Layfield: If would use transients also, so you arent getting the data every time the page is loaded, set an expiry on the transient, when youw ant to fetch again

Lone: Fris:

Layfield: wordpress">Https://

Salaza: Fris i will try it with Twitter_Demo. Plugin is active yet but how can i use the output in Sites ore Posts?

Macmanus: How to figure a plugin’s shortcode?

Beranek: There’s this forecast plugin that supposedly has a shortcode and doesn’t solely depend on widgets but can’t figure its shortcode

Loughnan: Falconi: what plugin?

Dusel: And what do you mean “can’t figure its shortcode”?

Gutteridge: Https://

Schauble: It supposedly has a shortcode to use but haven’t seen any reference to it

Mandes: Falconi: did you look here? the shrotcode is ” If you need to add several shortcodes on a page, you will need to use following shortcode parameters, as sample wcp_weather id=”my-weather-1″ city=”London, GB” and wcp_weather id=”my-weather-2″ city=”San Francisco, US”.”

Oudker: So there’s a tab labeled FAQ and IT DIDN”T OCCUR TO YOU TO LOOK AT IT! EXTERMINATE!

Bizub: No need to go to extremes :O sterndata

Greninger: Captain Dylan Gililand

Ratermann: WAS my nick, how do i change it back

Delpapa: How can i display data from wp_remote_get?

Hutmacher: Http://

Isby: What to you want to do exactly ?

Gilland: W4paca; wow i can find a function but how can i use this function for Posts ore sites?

Calleo: You gave several options depending on your need

Ruzich: W4paca:

Mckin: This site reads from a json file

Ramnauth: The json file:

Klines: So you want to display those data on your wordpress ?

Winner: Quick solution : You write a function in functions.php and call it in your template

Hinely: W4paca; ala wordpress/"> ?

Londner: Better solution : The same but with a little plugin

Sita: BenLue: your last link give you the solution ;

Weathersby: BenLue: Except that instead of file_get_contents i would use the wp_remote_get method ;

Critchley: W4paca thanks for the tip but i dount understand how can i add Custom fields in Post ore Sites to display any data from my json file

Layfield: BenLue what are you lookimg to do with the json data? just show it in a table like on the site? but on your wp site?

Mishou: Fris yes in the table in WordPress

Layfield: Then you would just p**** that and echo the parts in the different types of the table markup

Ortega: Is there any function to change the user_id of the wp_userdata table?