Is it worth it the labor? I.

Days: Fris2: There may be dozens of reviews connected to a certain property. In my mind, I thought it would just be cleaner to have a property reviews post type and a property post type. BUT yes now I am having problems with building the relationship between the two.

Filipovich: In english, what do you want to do?

Nettle: The api where does it query like your media library etc

Malbaurn: Scodal which plugin did it for you then?

Ahmed: Fris2 i am not trying to query the media library, i am trying to query the self-hosted instance

Madariaga: I’ve got something weird going on with widgets after doing an SQL copy of the database. I’ve done this many times before and it’s worked okay but, for some reason, wordpress is not picking up on the widget data from the options table.

Esque: Jwplayer has its own self-hosted storage for videos

Scisco: I can *see* the widgets in wp_options WHERE option_name = ‘sidebars_widgets’, but wordpress doesn’t show them in the widgets control panel.

Kukucka: The name of the plugin I settled on, Malbaurn, is . sorry logging in couldn’t remem off top of head. just a sec. — Plugin Organizer

Polen: I was confused at first Malbaurn but then I realized it’s pretty straightforward and just works. I was impressed

Lanouette: If you have a license

Svetlik: So you want to search and result inserts player into post with the video?

Cizek: Fris2 i am trying to search videos and return all video objects with the same title

Rudat: From the platform api

Malbaurn: Ok ill check it thanks!

Mcdermond: Guys. how much do you ask to convert PSD 2 wordpress, responsive, with 3 templates, one for home with menu and sliding banner, one for blog and one for news?

Vereb: You’re welcome I hope that helps you Malbaurn!

Delsordo: I’m using the ‘post_updated’ filters but the $post_before seems to be empty. Any ideas why that may be?

Flythe: Fris2: you are making me lean towards just building the review functionality into the property post type. lol. Man h man.

Weigl: Yammycoding, that’s what we do here where I work you can give us a call, we’re we can work out something that works in your budget

Lincicome: I would have to look can’t be of much help right now on my phone

Baronne: I have add_action ‘post_updated’, array$this, ‘on_post_updated’, 10, 3;, and the function looks like; function on_post_updated$post_id, $post_after, $post_before { error_log’Title after:’.$post_after-post_title.’ before:’.$post_before-title; }

Timothe: Why not use publish post hook

Roberds: The theme registers a bunch of widget areas, and the config for the contents of those widget areas is controlled by option sidebars_widgets, yes?

Funn: The admin has a dropdown metabox in the add post area. This dropdown is populated by posts with the ecommerce-tag tagged. If an commerce post is not selected it defaults to a default commerce-tag post. In the functions php i check if first_ecommerce item is set and if its set show the title of the commerce item but its showing the post title

Osier: Is there anything else that could be interfering?

Kolesar: Just for I have an idea of values

Eliot: Yammycoding: most start at 109

Brown: I have a newly installed wordpress site that returns error 404’s for all posts and pages, unless I set the permalink structure to the default one. Any advice on what the issue may be?

Koudelka: I’m trying to use post_updated because I need to see what has changed in the post

Larriviere: Devsys: my guess is your .htaccess file is broken

Rolen: 500 is usually the lowest we ever go, but we’re pretty quick at it, if u send me what u got I can tally up how many hours it would actually take

Holliday: Is it worth it the labor? I see those themeforest themes full of custom admins, all kinds of shortcodes, and fonts, and several themes for each purpose, those look very hard and time consuming to code.